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  1. it's cold as hell here I can't even imagine how cold it is there. what self respecting canadian would forget to plug in a block warmer in this weather?
  2. that's what i think too. at 14:49 in the credits at the end of the film, it says that Dawn Chorus was taken from the album Anima. after all this digging, i hope you can find the file somewhere. maybe try reddit. or the annex. i don't post there, but for some reason i always have tab open. i think you can log in with a twitter or fb account. http://board.theannextm.com
  3. i am excited to hear the 2 or 3 good songs on LPX and maybe some cool interludes or B-sides but i'm also excited to hear the 5 or 6 shitty boring whining and crying put me to sleep lost their edge forgot how to rock songs too.
  4. the album was supposed to be released this month. isn't new music released on Tuesdays?
  5. i messaged Daniel Stashkin, the guy who uploaded the 2 ambient tracks from the Ltd.ed vinyl to Vimeo, and asked if he would consider uploading the alternate mix of dawn chorus. if you find it first, please post.
  6. might as well post this here too the vinyl only track from anima
  7. i haven't found what you are looking for. and i'm not sure it's in the anima film on Netflix. i'll look more on Vimeo but in the meantime, i did find the 2 ambient tracks on the Anima (Preview Limited Edition) vinyl. Anima (Preview Limited Edition) B1. Impossible Textures B2. The Axe Textures
  8. https://www.instagram.com/eobofficial/
  9. things i like about that song: the weird synth noise in the beginning of it. the middle aged people in the band the fact that the video is black & white, or given the age of the band, maybe i should say it's shot in salt & pepper cool song!
  10. i suppose there a ok seedless watermelons and bad seeded watermelons... although it's a pretty consistent fruit. i just want a choice.
  11. well.... that was something...
  12. oh yeah i've been meaning to watch that video... i did see coco win a match and that was sweet. i saw serena win last night. love to hate her or hate to love her i hope she wins, that girl works hard. but she's up against the canadian girl who beat the swiss girl who has beat serena in the past. so.... hmmm. gonna make popcorn for that. no tutu this year
  13. it would make a good 1973 terrence malick film with martin sheen, sissy spacek, and a badass cadillac.
  14. i'm only scared when the tomato sauce is called 'gravy.'
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