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  1. it would make a good 1973 terrence malick film with martin sheen, sissy spacek, and a badass cadillac.
  2. i'm only scared when the tomato sauce is called 'gravy.'
  3. no but i never sign out. have you cleared your cookies? maybe your cookie is confused and you need a new one? is that how cookies work?
  4. nice. i have 2 kinds of parsley, basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme and sage. love the way my hands smell too tonight we had the best bruschetta with a garden tomato and all the herbs on kalamata olive bread. it was delicious. my brother chops up a shallot and garlic and all the herbs and mixes it into soft butter and keeps it in the freezer for steak and what not.
  5. i like it it's ok. but generally, i don't agree with them for musically going in such a softer direction. if it had more songs like ful stop then yes. and i even like the numbers for the jazzy piano. but if they'e not gonna rock out or play jazz then *yawn* soft adult contemporary rock is boring. glass eyes can smd.
  6. but now you're back and all is swell
  7. peeps was talkin' bout it on slack so i thought i'd see if i could find it. did a member search for WaWa Kitty, then a content/topics search for her. and bob's your oncle there it was. i was pretty surprised that i could bump it because i thought it was archived. or at least not bumped since 2012. on the old MT, we couldn't add replies to archived threads, so now i'm wondering if the archives are open game for new posts.
  8. with a knife. into little slices. or shreds. it really brightens up a salad! 4reals.
  9. i've been shredding basil into my green salads. and parsley of course. if kale can go to hell, then red leaf lettuce is the devil.
  10. that was handy but opera browser does that when you click on the tab. it's nice. this has some navigational options on the the bottom left. and also on the bottom right.
  11. sleepy jack


    hoping neither of you went this year, and all your loved ones are safe.
  12. It's because you're using a new account. Older accounts have react privileges.
  13. sleepy jack


    i don't like say my actual location, but i was thinking of how to put myself on the members map. i thought... where should i put? so i went with my home town, in the spot where i would go hiking, where there was always a red-tailed hawk, where i saw the ghost of a native american. i was happy in that spot. and i just now learnt that it's called indian head. i think the hawk, and the indian's ghost are somehow related. it's funny because i don't even believe in ghosts, and i tell people, all the time, that ghosts aren't real. but in my mind i'm thinking, 'except for all the times i saw the ghost of the indian.' so that's my spot.
  14. sleepy jack

    sleepy jack

  15. ahhh ok. as a yahoo! user, that explains why i couldn't log in.
  16. i always thought the contents of MT could be worked into a book somehow. there are some interesting discussions in here.
  17. so what's up with the login situation? if an old member wants to login, will their password work? is that a work in progress? is it ok to PM you with a new email address to reset their password? just in case anybody asks... as a 14 year member i definitely miss this group of people and this familiar place when it's gone. so thanks for keeping it alive. would MT be a part of the sale if you sold the GP domain? or are they going to be separate? (just curious, not making an offer.)
  18. thanks for the update. it's good to know he's ok.
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