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  1. It's because you're using a new account. Older accounts have react privileges.
  2. sleepy jack


    i don't like say my actual location, but i was thinking of how to put myself on the members map. i thought... where should i put? so i went with my home town, in the spot where i would go hiking, where there was always a red-tailed hawk, where i saw the ghost of a native american. i was happy in that spot. and i just now learnt that it's called indian head. i think the hawk, and the indian's ghost are somehow related. it's funny because i don't even believe in ghosts, and i tell people, all the time, that ghosts aren't real. but in my mind i'm thinking, 'except for all the times i saw the ghost of the indian.' so that's my spot.
  3. sleepy jack

    sleepy jack

  4. ahhh ok. as a yahoo! user, that explains why i couldn't log in.
  5. i always thought the contents of MT could be worked into a book somehow. there are some interesting discussions in here.
  6. so what's up with the login situation? if an old member wants to login, will their password work? is that a work in progress? is it ok to PM you with a new email address to reset their password? just in case anybody asks... as a 14 year member i definitely miss this group of people and this familiar place when it's gone. so thanks for keeping it alive. would MT be a part of the sale if you sold the GP domain? or are they going to be separate? (just curious, not making an offer.)
  7. thanks for the update. it's good to know he's ok.
  8. no he wasn't but his last posts here mentioned that he saw the guy park the van -- i'm not sure if it was before or after, but he was in the area. and then a month later both he and maybelline stopped posting on tumblr and he stopped posting on soundcloud. i don't mind people dropping out but i wish he would have said something. hopefully it's good news for him. maybe he ran off and got married and moved to cyprus or something.
  9. can't receive any new messages. last time he was here was in April 2018 after that van attack. all about the same time.
  10. yeah really. nothing on soundcloud for 9 months. hasn't posted on tumblr since June. wtf kyri.
  11. TGI Friday night! the weekend all in front of me. a long ass week behind me. lather. rinse. repeat.
  12. holy shit i guess he did get banned! i wonder what he did to deserve that.
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