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  1. i suppose there a ok seedless watermelons and bad seeded watermelons... although it's a pretty consistent fruit. i just want a choice.
  2. well.... that was something...
  3. oh yeah i've been meaning to watch that video... i did see coco win a match and that was sweet. i saw serena win last night. love to hate her or hate to love her i hope she wins, that girl works hard. but she's up against the canadian girl who beat the swiss girl who has beat serena in the past. so.... hmmm. gonna make popcorn for that. no tutu this year
  4. it would make a good 1973 terrence malick film with martin sheen, sissy spacek, and a badass cadillac.
  5. i'm only scared when the tomato sauce is called 'gravy.'
  6. no but i never sign out. have you cleared your cookies? maybe your cookie is confused and you need a new one? is that how cookies work?
  7. nice. i have 2 kinds of parsley, basil, rosemary, oregano, thyme and sage. love the way my hands smell too tonight we had the best bruschetta with a garden tomato and all the herbs on kalamata olive bread. it was delicious. my brother chops up a shallot and garlic and all the herbs and mixes it into soft butter and keeps it in the freezer for steak and what not.
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