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  1. just admit it. you had your Caps Lock on and that's why your password didn't work. no shame man. these things happen.
  2. wait... did you really get banned? just noticed the timeline.
  3. You are most probably not banned. When the board was revived, something happened with the passwords. If you want to get your old account back, you can contact jonathan and ask for his assistance. it's been quite a while since he's been here, so individual results may vary. it may take awhile, or it may not happen. but that's the avenue to take. i'm not sure if you were mentioned here or on slack, but i did predict that you were due for a vist, so welcome back! if you post or send me an email address i would send you a slack invite right away. that community is still pretty active and welcoming of all MT'ers.
  4. i do like Olympic which brings me to my question: does anyone know what city (or cities) are shown in the Olympik visualizer video?
  5. yeah it's a mostly flaccid with a couple of chubbies
  6. another wish for the dream setlist. if you find it let me know. the first time they played it live is on the imbw live recordings, which is great , but i doubt if they ever did it live album style.
  7. i'm watching the Dublin tent show now. with thom's definitive version of TNA. also a great HTDC. up to morning bell now. pretty sweet halcyon days. but 20 years later it's still exciting to see.
  8. i just learnt that there was a video for fitter happier that got scrubbed but it's out there. this page has the most backstory. https://archive.org/details/radioheadfitterhappierunreleasedvideo
  9. i love it. it means they are creating hype for a new album maybe, or more probably a retrospective reissue.
  10. https://consequenceofsound.net/2019/12/radiohead-entire-discography-youtube-stream/
  11. nice to see ya. one easy idea: it would be nice to have a link to GP on every MT page -- up top, on the bottom near the FB & Twitter links, both maybe. make it easy to jump to GP from MT. i think anyone who knows about GP knows the lyrics page. any time i want to look up lyrics, it has always been there. needs minimal updating but is as steady and reliable as the tides. i think that's a good area to keep tidy. there are of course other lyrics sites, but GP is nicely indexed and dedicated to radiohead. a side wiki of fan interpretations would be nice too but maybe too much work and might need too much oversight. you could also make a page for users to submit news items. although i suppose that would require a lot of oversight too. another idea would be to create a page with indexed embedded videos from youtube and vimeo. could start with the albums and post all the videos made for each album -- and then an index of live gigs. and the webcasts. the reason it would be better than youtube is because youtube always tries to distract you with something else and drag you down the rabbit hole. this would keep people on track and would be easier to navigate and search. so... 2 easy suggestions and 2 difficult ones.
  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooo the only time i can eat tartar sauce is on fish or fried shrimp and even then it's a regrettable decision. wow. i have a really complicated relationship with condiments, don't i?
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