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  1. I like SuperCollider a lot. Seems like a natural progression of the solo piano version and it's given time to develop and breathe with the 7 minute run-time. Wasn't thrilled by The Butcher.
  2. Initial impressions - it's a sprawling mess of awesome. They opted for a very percussion driven sound which dulls the emotional spectrum a little bit - the peaks of tracks like Arpeggi and Let Down are missing. Whatever social commentary was present on OK Computer and Kid A is also gone. But it's a dense and exhausting listen with an incomprehensible amount of energy and emotion packed into 37 minutes. The quality of the music is better than any of their previous efforts, it's just not as thematically engaging I guess. A lot of it reminds me of Cuttooth and anything that reminds me of Cuttooth is pretty bad ass, so it's a winner.
  3. 1. The Eraser 2. Analyse 3. The Clock 4. Black Swan 5. Skip Divided 6. Atoms for Peace 7. And It Rained All Night 8. Harrowdown Hill 9. Cymbal Rush 10. Let Me Take Control 11. I Froze Up 12. Everything In Its Right Place 13. Paperbag Writer 14. The Hollow Earth 15. Judge, Jury, Executioner 16. Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses Pretty sure that was the setlist. Awesome show! Had a good time.
  4. Got 2! Chicago Saturday night. The allocation is now sold out. Epic win.
  5. They generally go on sale in the morning. The Midwest (Indianapolis, Cleveland, etc) show tickets went on sale sometime between 7 and 9 AM back in 2008. I got Cleveland tix that I put on eBay and bought Indy tix from a guy here on GP.
  6. Maybe I'm fooling myself, but I don't think these will sell out quite as fast as a Radiohead show. The Aragon is a pretty large venue with general admission, it's on two nights, and it's Thom and Friends, not the big title band like Radiohead has become. I know they'll go quickly, probably within a few minutes of going up on WASTE, but I think all of us have a decent shot.
  7. Eh, not bad. Glad I didn't spend all that money on a record with two songs on it though.
  8. There are several vids of it on YouTube.
  9. Gives me some Sonic Youth vibes. Enjoyable.
  10. I could live with the same direction because almost everything they make is good music. However, I do like the orchestra idea, but why don't they ever use like a FULL orchestra? I want to hear a full line-up of horns, varied percussion, everything. If they're going to take a decade to put out the next album, they may as well go all out instead of bringing together a little grouping of strings to do backing tracks. I do like the string arrangement for Harry Patch, it has a richness and fullness to it. I think the Arpeggi from Ether Festival is still pretty much the best thing the band has done. They adapted the song for a full orchestra and the results were
  11. I'm also physically, mentally, and morally deficient.
  12. Worst insult I've heard is that the band is "emo."
  13. Just right click on the "stream" link and choose to "Save As" to your computer in an easy to access place. And there it is!
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