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  1. the most probably is that the whole bunch will collaborate, just as in The Eraser..... But the structure itself, is unthinkable, if it were a Jonny or a Thom or even an Ed album we would know more or less what to spect...... One can at least spect some cool paintings from Stanley, he could even dress up as Phil and make the album hiss...
  2. Who thinks something cool is on its way?, they'r all talented people of course, but after seeing him singing in New Zealand it was like, awesome...
  3. You will not only be able to chose the name of the album, there wont be a phisical release, they will release it online as a Word Document, "In .doc"
  4. Hi there mate... am from Venezuela.. am taking the jump to see Radiohead... Club Ciudad has a Capacity of at least 30000 people.... its big.....
  5. Whats going on with the page....?????????
  6. hey Rafax am from Maracaibo too!........ Temo lo que pasaria si llega por ipostel
  7. Dear WASTE.... where the hell is my discbox.......???? if you continue this horrible waiting torture on me..... am gonna send to your office with his New York Times Smile... to make a friendly complaint with an AXE
  8. ... i thoguht it was just me..... that thing has not arrived to you people either...... am guessing we will be filling WASTE's mail inbox on DEC 20
  9. It has to be Like Spinning Plates!!! come on!!! While you make pretty little speeches am being cut to shreds..... "Thats Any US president right there!!"
  10. if possible please take some pictures of the discbox and post them please........ pretty please
  11. You are absolutely right it sucks the hell of a lot........... am from Venezuela and they said the would be going to Brazil or Argentina and i will absolutely go see them... and i need to know with like 4 monts in advance!!!! and the freaking Discbox that none has'nt got yet..............
  12. I wrote to WASTE and i asked them if they were gonna use the National Mailing Service of the Coutry that stands on everyones account and the said, and i quote textually "We will be using a SECURE REGISTERED mail service"
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