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  1. I left work at 1pm and was going to actually GO to the area where it happened to get some Chinese food but changed my mind. I alwayysss walk down that sidewalk !! 100s of times!. he stopped the van right across from where I take the bus/subway (yonge/sheppard). i got home round 1:30pm and that's when i saw it on the news. was literally jussst there. really sad. everyone was out enjoying the day : (
  2. :lol: i usually do it before and after work. i can't do it at work. i have a thingg with that. i don't want people smelling my poop! some do that thing where they shit and do a courtesy flush before the poop even touches the water. but what if when you flush all the water spins around your ass?
  3. bloop


    till what's my fortune
  4. WARNING TMI: im finding that as im getting older, the feeling to shit increases more throughout the day. even though i go in the morning. by like noon, i wanna POOP. it might be the cream and milk i put in my coffee..
  5. was thinkin of getting popeyes tonight no joke lol
  6. been playing that song erryyday
  7. yeah juggling bad habits + living in toronto can really fuck up ones bank account trust me.. i know
  8. bloop


    never seen it cuz.. Canadian TV sucks
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