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  1. my life feels like a lucid dream or a nightmare i can't seem to wake up from. manic depression is a bitch
  2. i miss the brown blazer i used to have. oh and the people too
  3. rex i love you i love you so much i love you man god damn i'm so glad we met
  4. theo huxtable and his amazing technocolored cream boat
  5. Jeffrey Dahmer


    my dog has serious depression wtf
  6. Jeffrey Dahmer


    yeah, but i'm extremely shortsighted some times (all the time)
  7. don't you hate how people worry about you when you start feeling good again...i mean shit, either way you lose. how would you guys describe bad mania? cuz i've only had pure ecstacy/euphoria hypomania, which is clearly the best feeling in the world. its funny, when i had mania when i went to toronto for spring break, i couldn't even complete a sentence because i loved every thought that came into my head. as opposed to first semester when i couldn't complete a sentence because i hated every thought i had.
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