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  1. rex i love you i love you so much i love you man god damn i'm so glad we met
  2. i had a dream last night that you called me, penny. i think it was radiohead related, super important news that you were holding back from MT and wanted to tell me directly. was it really a dream?!
  3. hohoho you're such a wily trickster you are
  4. 1. How not to search completely 2. my iron search 3. fake plastic search 4. where i search and you begin 5. searchproof...i wish I was 6. true searching waits 7. go to search 8. 2+2=search 9. No searching 10. searching police 11. Paranoid search 12. Pyramid search 13. like spinning search 14. street spirit (search out) 15. exit music (for a search) 16. a search at the door 17. the searchist 18. the amazing sounds of searching 19. searching in its right place 20. thinking about searching GET MY DRIFT Oh, and welcome to MT. I was stupid once too.
  5. Apparently, this song is a very polarizing song among radiohead fans. People either absolutely love it or absolutely despise it. Which shocks me because it's still my favorite song. Reminds me of the time I tried to make a pair of wings out of dead gay male skin. Didn't work.
  6. You remind me of Anthony Kiedis. And that's making me feel all gooey inside.
  7. If Johnathan doesn't update soon, I'm going to come to his house and drill holes in his head.
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