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  1. I don't think there will a competition between RH and The Beatles or between RH and recent bands, as I see that with the time, the competition between Beatles and Pink Floyd and/or Rolling Stones and/or whatever other band seems to disapear, as it appear clearly that every band brought its own thing to music. Apart from this, we must consider that in the late 60's, there was a large influence of music in the general culture, there was so many bands exploring new ways all the time. Beatles had a real and hard task in doing something totally amazing that is now considered as the best thing in music of their time (and after, and even now). It could have been Pink Floyd and it is for some people... not for me. Radiohead, in the other hand, appeared in a period where music was quite poor (remember ? disco was morphing into dance music at the time... the real alternative was hip-hop, and as DJ Shadow said, it sucked (hip-hop fans : jk)). They had something totally different to do : bring people back to music. Which they succeeeded to do. In the future, I dont think we will think (or our children will think) that they did it against other bands. About RH and the Beatles, I remember Thom York saying how much he was amazed, talking abouth There There as the first single of HTTT I think , that it was only 2:40 long. RH did fewer good songs than the Beatles, but please consider Mrs. Magpie how much time you spend listening to RH and how much time you spended listening to Beatles, it may be equal. I mean, songs are longer but they may be, also, more rich. i don't say it's the case, but it is... maybe.
  2. I'm so proud ! National Academy is a shitty rock band from California and Mexico who used to eat too much mushrooms when theyr were at school. Just after that, they made a record about how hard it is to be stupid and bad at football. 3 of the members comitted suicide shortly afterward. The remaining (bassist) created a band called Snow Patrol. /end Phlip Knight was the creator of the brand Nike. He also had a short carrier (2 albums) in band called Shihad. This is his solo album, a tribute to the LAFMS. It has been compared by the critics with the music of artists such as James Blunt or Jack Johnson. The cover is so ha ! ha ! My favourite ; The CRADS (Ckill a Dirty Rat). This album is not to be listened to without protection, though, HA ! ha ! PS : What a stupid game
  3. I think they have a lot of pressure on them when they compose and when they record. As a number of artists, they get very moody because of that. But I don't think it's a good thing at all.
  4. I dont mind about the golden ratio either, just thought of that. But the fact is that it fell naturally good with your tracklist. I am listening to your "enhanced" playlist now. Will post about it later. Or not.
  5. They should take time to grow their children.
  6. Creep maybe ? I notice that Creep and There There one after is other is awful. Hansy may I say that your list is the best out of the four ? And the golden ration is on Paranoid Android, 15s before the "You will remember my name". I reckon it's a good turning point / climax / whatever. I will surely keep it like this for a while.
  7. Do you mean I should insert lesser tracks to make it more enjoyable to you ? edit : should do something with golden ratio reedit : for example, "now we are one..." on golden ratio.
  8. "Inside my head" + "Million Dollar Question" "Yes I Am" on reedition.
  9. This is another 'Radiohead Best Of' thread. If you don't like it, you may leave now, or read. So, I've made my definitive Radiohead best of tracklist : 9 tracks in playlist, average track length: 5:00 Playlist length: 45 minutes Playlist files: 1. Radiohead - Creep (3:57) 2. Radiohead - Exit Music (For A Film) (4:24) 3. Radiohead - How To Disappear Completely (5:56) 4. Radiohead - Idioteque (5:09) 5. Radiohead - Karma Police (4:21) 6. Radiohead - Paranoid Android (6:23) 7. Radiohead - Pyramid Song (4:48) 8. Radiohead - There There (5:23) 9. Radiohead - Videotape (4:39) The question is : in which order would you put 'em ?
  10. Yep. CD1 is Palo Alto / HIMMM CD2 is Airbag (live in Berlin) / Lucky (live in Florence). Other songs are from 'Running from demons'. But still, it's a good cd to get, at least CD1, and that's why I asked if CD2 was also good ?? Can seomeone give a link to listen (not 'download') to these songs ? Lull was with Meeting in the Aisle on first release of the single link I found this on discog too :
  11. Are the two live tracks on CD#2 any good ?
  12. It's No Surprises, best songs, best artwork. Palo Alto A Reminder Pearly* Melatonin Bishop's Robe Lull Meeting In The Aisle How I Made My Millions Airbag (Live In Berlin) Lucky (Live In Florence) Which one of the three should I get ? Which one is the most collectable ?
  13. It says "She is in rainbows" quite clearly.
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