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  1. only two decent snaps i got from Leeds.. first one is morning bell, not sure about the second
  2. prodigy were fucking awesome btw. KOL a lot better than i expected too. yeah yeah yeahs excellent. etc.
  3. oh yeh, with regards to the maps intro, you could hardly hear what thom was saying. i don't think the crowd realised tbh
  4. was at leeds. pretty awesome performance, couple of surprises in there too have to say the reading setlist is pretty phenomenal tho
  5. im going to leeds went reading last year and it was awesome even with a horrible line up, so this yr should be good
  6. all for the best is a lot better than this
  7. 6.6 pretty good, not as good as in rainbows stuff though
  8. i think you could get to the close pretty easily if you wanted to. people will leave and move about during bands
  9. i got weekend for leeds. good times
  10. oh fuck it really sucks not to vote for mama but i think randy marsh has been the consistently best poster this year why people actually vote for clanclan is beyond me, he was a gimmick that got old after about 2 months
  11. even though she hasnt been as active this year still gotta be nat
  12. wow that is a strong group still liffey quite easily
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