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  1. My new electronic/ambient/futureR&B/? project. http://yssounds.bandcamp.com/ http://soundcloud.com/yssounds also has a remix of a Julianna Barwick song.
  2. no such thing as "i draw too much" unless, you know, you aren't eating or speaking to anyone.
  3. yeah i agree, and i didnt really notice that so thanks. i feel that they are about as necessary (most of them anyway) as melodramatic, though. i kind of need to rewrite the middle 4 stanzas anyway. thanks errbody
  4. Radioheadhead


    at first i honestly couldn't tell if you were being sarcastic and listing the cliche sounds for the kind of song it seems you're actually going for, or if you were being serious. So.. I guess use less cliche sounds? Using your own voice to replicate would be a good idea. Might find some even more interesting sounds that way.
  5. yes. do you not? is it pretentious to center? i guess it could be. i just like the way it looks a lot better. looks more like sitting in the middle of a creek.
  6. it's called "Ode to a Night in Gayle OR Being Parenthetical" Sitting on a dry stone That I hopped to from the grassy bank In the middle of a creek running through Gayle The water and the bank and the trees on both sides of the bank and the slow, cool night Form a pair of parentheses (around me) This is one of those nights Where the leaves are dark against the starless sky And the creekwater runs black Accented with white flashes At its turns and cuts My ears are tricked By their closeness to the water They think I am under it They think it is flowing over me Because they know how small I am So I lay content and watch the leaves move I can hear the nightingale singing from this rock And I love it and I am not jealous Because I get to enjoy it Because I can go wherever I want in the middle of the night Even the middle of a creek And no one stops me And yet, tomorrow when I jam my red finger in the door I will hold it screaming so close in front of me That I can only see its throbbing As it blots out the leaves, the creek, the wind, my family, the nightingale, and all that loves me.
  7. we have a cd coming out soon. i'll probly let you guys download it fer free
  8. http://www.myspace.com/oldfolksband
  9. Hey old friends. http://www.myspace.com/oldfolksband I know you people probably only have time to listen to a couple, not all 6 of our songs up there so here this may help you decide which ones to pick. Tell me what you think/what you think we should work on, etc. thanks "day of the locust" = ambientish with vocals (its got the most texture. and noise) "3 years worth of carrots" = poppy, our most popular, my least favorite "a tower of ghosts" = short, distortion like a mother F.r "look at these assholes" = 2nd most popular, poppy, i don't like the intro "wood and shark" = just an acoustic song "smoke with us..." = a campfire song about indians. my favorite
  10. haha yeah i was just about to say i do not have time to figure out what " like LIAGH, AWATD, MPS, SHA and such" are
  11. haha shoees ewww and a popped collar more ew
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