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  1. does anyone know if there are .zip packages or something similar of high-def widescreen radiohead artwork wallpapers? i did a google search and 99% of the results were lame. i'd love some fancy in rainbows or okc artwork on my desktop slideshow. or amnesiac or tkol. similar examples are like the ones nine inch nails released for their 10th anniversary 'downward spiral' edition, or the ones gog.com packs in with their game downloads. thanks!
  2. fitter happier is one of the best intro songs of all time. seriously, try those six songs in a row: fitter happier, down is the new up, the trickster, all i need, gagging order and 15 step. they'll rock your socks. of course now that the king of limbs is out it may need something different, but i got pretty good reviews from my homies on that mix.
  3. got it yesterday in the richmond, va area. totally sweet and worth the wait. and the style of the newspaper and the little bear in the middle of the artwork sheet lend to my theory that the king of limbs is somehow related to kid a and amnesiac. it is just about 10 years since the amnesiac release, y'know...
  4. this is actually a great idea! i made a 30-song "my favorite radiohead" mix (pre-TKOL) for a bunch of my friends who were never really big rh fans, and the first five songs flow in an insane way. give these a shot; it's not revolutionary or anything but i can't believe how well they work. you can assume normal studio/lp versions for each. 01. fitter happier 02. down is the new up 03. the trickster 04. all i need 05. gagging order and 15 step came after that, which picks the pace back up beautifully from "gagging order."
  5. contacting rh may be a bit much, but i'll admit i was a TINY bit disheartened when i downloaded my .wav's and transferred them to my ps3 and my mp3 player and they wouldn't play in either. i'll just have to re-encode them and label them again, which is no big deal - and it's free radiohead music - but it would be nice to just have downloaded music work from the outset for once.
  6. that's a lie. he just told me that to get in my pants. don't fall for the same trick.
  7. absolutely. i tried this out yesterday and it sounds exactly how it should; i'll likely keep the original in one folder and this playlist in a separate one for a "deluxe" version. all i'm missing is a .wav for "these are my twisted words;" did a real one ever surface?
  8. lyrically, i'm amazed with how well thom manages to comfortably fit in various pedestrian/conversational phrases in songs. to use some examples from kid a, there are the direct ones (women and children first (or) where'd you park the car?) and the repurposed ones (i laugh until my head comes off). of course all five members of radiohead are terrific at everything they do. phil is like a human metronome, colin's bass is always spot-on and exactly what it needs to be, ed adds great atmosphere and background to innumerable tracks, jonny is great on the myriad instruments/trackpads he uses, and thom is one of my favorite singers of all time. nigel's production has never let me down either. ok computer sounds so technology-based, kid a is so gloomy and headachy, in rainbows is crisp and fleshed-out, etc. the themes of rh's songs and albums come together for me very well too; i love the fear and energy expressed throughout. and even though there are many bands who i feel do everything right, they don't always add up to become more than the sum of their parts the way rh do. all-in-all, just a great band in every aspect. firmly rooted in my top 5.
  9. oh, that and the "rolling stone 3 out of 5 score" comment remind me of the melodrama surrounding tool's 2006 release '10,000 Days.' no quick way to tell it, so...it leaked onto the internet a couple weeks before its release, as did photos of the artwork and case, and several tool fans (and critics) thought it was SO bad there was a running theory that tool recorded it in a couple weeks as a joke to throw fans from the REAL album. "it will only be included as a bonus disc for the ACTUAL 10,000 Days," they said. then everyone bought it and several literally ripped the actual digipak apart, trying to find disc #2...then they realized there was no disc 2 and the album they'd been hating on was the five-year-awaited next tool album, and everyone turned tail and started saying "oh yeah, after a few listens, it's...totally awesome. yeah, it really grew on me." morons.
  10. lies, says metacritic! http://www.metacritic.com/music/kid-a/critic-reviews seriously though, critics are (usually) just fucking ridiculous. i know we all know and say this, but man. just more evidence for the pile; thanks, nme.
  11. they gave kid a a 1.5 out of 5. even if you hate radiohead, that album is tits. nme goes beyond trashing.
  12. does the main bass and synth on "supercollider" make anyone else think "the raindrops...the raindrops...the raindrops...the raindrops...?"
  13. i have weird standards for making deluxe or non-lp albums. no remixes, no alternate takes, no unofficial live tracks, no "featuring" said artist (i.e. flying lotus - ...and the world laughs with you). just full songs, sticking to the same primary artist. what i have right now is almost a 2nd album for thom, which i sequenced like this... Thom Yorke - Insekt Bytes 01. A Rat's Nest 02. The Hollow Earth 03. Drunkk Machine 04. Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses 05. Jetstream 06. Iluvya 07. All for the Best 08. Hearing Damage give it a shot! i like how it goes.
  14. this. i was happy to buy the vinyl, and it sounds great, but i'd like some mp3 action on these as i have NO ability to record from vinyl to computer.
  15. thanks for these; they're awesome (as are mrmagpie's). the one and only problem i heard on this is right in the first couple beats of supercollider, it sounds like a pop or a stutter on the drums. :\ but i don't mean to complain; top notch!
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