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  1. Yeah First impressions, sounds somewhere between Amnesiac B-sides and Thom's solo stuff. I hate to say it but this is more or less what I expected. Don't ask me why, but These Are My Twisted Words and Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses have been coming up on shuffle a lot in the past few days for me, and I've kinda been forming my predictions of what the sound/feel of the album would be off of that. I'm finding myself surprised/almost disappointed that I was right. I need that 2nd listen tho, from what I've heard it helps thing fall into place. So first impression: confusion, must
  2. Yeah, I'm pretty jazzed about this still. Came as a total shocker, no crazy cryptic coded DAS posts to speculate on. We don't even know the track names yet. I can safely say this is the first RH release where I will be hearing it for the first time with exactly zero expectations. Will be a nice contrast to last time around where we knew the basic structure of most of the songs foreeeeeever. Oh and I smoke weed now, so that will be fun too.
  3. Rbrgr83

    EIIRP Live

    Cleveland 08 he did This One Goes Out to the One I Love (but I couldn't recognize it till I listened to it later on )
  4. Yeah, I think its safe to say its never really been 'performed'. If you find a live version it will basicly just be and echoy rendition of the album version with crowd noise.
  5. I have a picture of it in my brain. But I don't think i can convert it to jpg.
  6. Fantastic show, and my first. Lots of great moments (CUtW, WatD, SS to name a few). Fantastic setlist, I'd say I heard my top 6. Although I was crossin my fingers for Airbag. Unfortunately went with someone who isn't a fan. They enjoyed it, but said they had no idea what Thom was saying the whole time. But they were gettin down durring NA, Idioteque etc. I was totaly expecting 'that music was too weird and his voice is all whiney' but they seemed to genuinely enjoy it. Quite a feat considering they listen to teeny pop and euro rave music. Oh, and they totaly loved johnny They
  7. got my tickets. I am a bit concerned tho. I've really only found 1 seating chart that indicates my row exists. Anyone familiar with the joint? Im sec 24, row U, seats 19-21 Also, friend of mine cant go so if anyone is in the market for a half way decent reserve, PM me pls. No scalping, swear. Also also, im coming from north-west-ish (Elyria). Any suggestions for enterance side?
  8. Gehy. I thought you're implication was gonna be that the intro sounds can-ish like go slowly.
  9. And why do i drive on the parkway and park on Thom's lawn?
  10. When I first read the topic i thought yeah this sounds like a good cover for cee-lo's voice. But the performance is a bit out of control it sounds. Otherwise, nice cover. Patiently waiting a better recording.
  11. Biggest thing for me is their bravery in embracing all different sounds and textures. I think one of the greatest things (and most frustrating when it comes to describing them) is how there isn't a single song that comes close to encapsulating them. It would even be hard to do in just 3 or 4 songs. They've really made themselves something unique and permanant, which is a rarity.
  12. Hmm, thats weird. I have not heard the version off of 2+2=5. I always just assumed the 2 LA Version tracks were the same. Learn something new everyday
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