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  1. AHH god i dunno an ex bitch had her album.. as a Radiohead fanatic i instantly picked up on it.
  2. but i still appreciate your efforts in sharing this with us
  3. I've heard that Katy Perry one thouhgl... sumin about "making out to radiohead" isnt it? lol
  4. Is that how that came across? I didn't honestly think anyone here would
  5. I think threads like this are insulting to the band. They've made it obvious they are GODS and are incapable of creating a bad album (other than the terrible pile of shit pablo honey that most people have written off without even hearing)
  6. yep, just as shitty as before. (for Yorke standards)
  7. That first video reminds me of "I Lie Awake"
  8. I could just do Jonnys part.. but have to learn it first. never heard the 2002 version before.
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