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  1. I managed to snag one while tickets were trickling in one at a time through w.a.s.t.e., but my friend was not so lucky. if anyone is going and needs/wants to offload a ticket to an eager fan, please let me know!
  2. dude thanks a ton for the tip. I wouldn't be going if I hadn't seen this thread!
  3. I've only ever seen radiohead outside and most stadium shows I've been to have had miserable sound so how's it been sounding this tour?
  4. ah yeah well I see hm well. what section for the seated seat? ahhhh you can let that one drop thanks tho
  5. I wouldn't get to san jose til ~8...are you going ga?
  6. oh sure dude. ga or otherwise, 1 or 2, if you don't have anything better to do. how would it work though with photo ID info and such?
  7. oh I see. a webstore "basket," not a literal basket. how did she find out that tickets were available again?
  8. I haven't voted yet but if you look at the top played radiohead songs for the last 6 months/weeks on last.fm, they're usually these: Creep High and Dry Fake Plastic Trees Airbag Paranoid Android Karma Police No Surprises Everything in Its Right Place All I Need Reckoner Lotus Flower why's high and dry so popular??
  9. Cut a Hole would make a good Bond theme
  10. after months of pondering, here it is: 1. Bloom 2. Sit Down Stand Up 3. Down is the New Up 4. You and Whose Army? 5. The Gloaming 6. Where I End and You Begin 7. Pyramid Song 8. I Might Be Wrong 9. Kid A 10. The National Anthem > Hunting Bears 11. Polyethylene 12. In Limbo 13. Morning Bell 14. Go to Sleep 15. A Wolf at the Door 16. Feral 17. Idioteque 18. Karma Police 19. Paranoid Android --- 20. Like Spinning Plates 21. Climbing Up the Walls 22. Dollars and Cents 23. The Tourist 24. How to Disappear Completely --- 25. Planet Telex 26. 2+2=5 27. True Love Wa
  11. 2+2=5 edit: or daily mail, that's a pretty classic-sounding radiohead song
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