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  1. it's cause we are 20th century bitches
  2. in solidarity with Radiohead deleting their social media presence, I think we should consider blowing up MT
  3. this is exactly what i came to this thread looking for.
  4. I believe so. Jonathan started the whole gig I think and is a member of radiohead.
  5. forgot about the "side projects" forum. you'd think after 7 years on MT I'd realize that. sorry mods! but yea cool show. I'm going to keep a look out for any recorded material. some of the riffs that Johnny played really sounded like some radiohead stuff, but it blended so well.
  6. Last night at the Sufi World Spirit music festival in Jodhpur, I saw Johnny Greenwood play backing guitar for a huge band led by Shye Ben Tzur. Shye is Israeli but lives in India. There were four drummers (all with different Indian drums), a whole brass band and a lead trumpeteer, and a couple singers sitting in front of Harmonium. I didn't know what to expect, but it was pretty amazing. The music was fun. Johnny of course acted exactly as he does at a Radiohead show and mostly played with dials the whole time. At the end the Maharaj, ruling prince, came out and it was pretty hilarious to see Johnny do the whole Namaste thing. Anyways, the music is pretty good. I think there may be a record coming out of this collaboration? Here is Johnny himself talking about it: http://www.standard.co.uk/goingout/music/radioheads-jonny-greenwood-on-performing-with-shye-bentzur-at-the-alchemy-festival-9382301.html and a live clip
  7. I thought it was real. It was me. I am to blame. This thread should be deleted. Copypasta sucks.
  8. LOL I just saw that gurbe pointed out that this was a copypasta thing in the MT 2014 thread... shoulda looked. mods please lock or something.
  9. I mean I know I didn't get that peterha was using an established format, but it seemed like everyone was really amazed at the story, even if they somewhat doubted if it really happened. I read it a couple times because I liked how it was written. I mean why else would people have reposted this peterha quote a couple of times in general chat if it was just a throwaway internet phenomena? please someone tell me that I'm not the only one who thought that peterha actually wrote this post...
  10. well idk everyone here seemed to think it was real...unless this is just the latest example of my not getting the internet joke.
  11. I'm so sad this story isn't true.
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