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  1. Hillary and the DNC deserve a lot of the blame. Why? Hillary treated the Sanders base like they would pick her eventually anyways (picking Kaine over a candidate like Warren who would have energized the base). Hillary treated Trump supporters like a bunch of idiots (calling them deplorable). She did not campaign in states that her and her campaign didn't even realize were competitive (Iowa, Wisconsin). She hardly ever spoke directly to Sanders supporters. She fundraised with celebrities enhancing her insiders status. She memorized her lines (Trumped-up trickle down). She narrowed her campaign down to the simple fact of her gender (I'm With Her, embracing the idea of playing the gender card, glass ceiling). A flawed candidate, she comes off as arrogant and unsympathetic to millions of men and women. They were over-confident in every regard and deserved to lose. The DNC and the party in general cleared the floor for this flawed candidate months before a vote was even cast. Potential candidates and party faithful did not throw their hat in the ring because they were told it was Hillary's year. The only people who emerged didn't fit into the DNC's plan, and had problems with another Clinton presidency. To that end, the thumb was put down on Sanders' campaign as much as it could. This ran the gamut from the scant coverage of his remarkable campaign from the MSM to Debby Wasserman Schulz being shown to have been in the bag for Clinton all along. The people who ran the party were working with one candidate, and did not practice impartiality. To that end, over 450 super delegates were already in Clinton's pocket before a single vote was cast, reinforcing the narrative that Sanders could not win with such a deficit. The DNC chose a flawed candidate, and their inability to hear the actual movement that Sanders energized ended up being their undoing. As Sanders tired old phrase says, the country was tired of establishment politics. Hillary did nothing to shatter this perception (there's not much she could have down, but she could have tried to appear like ordinary folks), and did not realize how serious that idea was. To that end, I wouldn't be at all surprised if we learned that the DNC really did try to get Trump elected during the primary as an easy victory in the general. They are that out of touch, that thick, that arrogant. Hillary is their leader, but hopefully none of them will be leading anyone anymore.
  2. Surely Hillary will go down as one of the most infamous modern American politicians. Can you imagine the hubris of thinking that you deserve another 8 years in the white house? And Bill? Not a single cautionary word? Not the thought that perhaps they had already had their turn? If she hadn't thrown her hat in the ring from the get go, plenty of other worthy dems would have stepped forward. Dems who don't have records of taking millions from wallstreet, who don't have a billion scandals related to their personal life and their political career. Why was everyone so confident she could do it? I voted out of desperation, and yet so many people were utterly confident that a "racist" and a "bigot" couldn't take the white house that they stayed home. They didn't realize they were on the losing end until it was too late. I'm mad. Hillary is the worst candidate I've ever seen. She is officially worse than trump. In fact she proves Trump's point that Washington is out of touch. You can't live this down. If she wants to do her own party a favor, she won't make a public appearance ever again.
  3. Bernie was a progressive movement from the inside. The establishment killed their movement and decided to rest on their laurels. Bernie had a change message but the DNC decided that wasn't good enough. The votes fell how they did, but that doesn't excuse HIllary, for whom seeking public office just seems to be her favorite hobby. She cockblocked the greatest candidate for the Democratic party in...ever, and it's not going to happen again judging by how unwilling many of my suit and tie corporate Dems are to admit Hillary was a total disaster! I voted Hillary, but I feel great that Trump won. The argument that he is supported by racists alone does not hold water. He is speaking for people who have been left out of the system - the same people that Bernie would have been competing for! Hillary was never competitive with them. She only cared about her celebrity donors. Thus it is we have Trump. I wish him the best.
  4. PA is the long shot there, but Michigan and NC could go Trump.
  5. He's your typical mormon nice guy. Makes sense he's gobbling up votes. About half of my extended fam in utah/idaho are for him.
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