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  1. some people make music for money... Radiohead, on the other hand, is too rich too care. that makes a lot of sense to me, fucking lily allen you and your annoyingly catchy pop songs
  2. what's with the sudden board mentality of hating me? is it cause of the mcr/say anything shit I gave you?
  4. I think you're probably close to the top of many people's lists but not quite the top edit: ZOMG I HAS THREE VOTES WELL REALLY ONLY TWO CAUSE I VOTED FOR MAHSELF BUT YES!!! now do tell who it was
  5. tool someone would've nominated me anyway
  6. me as a joke cause this is the shitty poll
  7. you used the death smiley not boring
  8. I suppose I must be bipolar though anyways haha I gotta see some of those crazy thom dance videos now
  9. nominate regulars and I will make a poll 10 first nominations get in I nominate myself because I know one of you will do it the list: conor525
  10. I voted for myself. I wonder who else did
  11. oh. I figgered partycheetos had been here for a while for some reason
  12. oh fuck off I don't care how to fucking spell his name
  13. hasbro bunnies is gonna win although I nominate myself.
  14. I like the way you think! edit: but I don't like Morning Bell/Amnesiac nearly as much
  15. hhmmm... spam. in all seriousness though, I love the Truman Show, and I think what you did was pretty cool. although, if Radiohead were so influenced by the Truman Show, the cover of the album would be Jim Carrey's face distorted in such a way that it looks like Thom's.
  16. does it have anything worth mentioning on it?
  17. did someone say: JOHN COLTRANE?!!
  18. hehehe, go ahead and draw, 'conor525' then
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