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  1. this Chrome - Chroma thing is going too far I can't keep up anymore.
  2. I think it's a bad linking between HTML and CSS (the elements of the page itself and how they should look). As sleepy jack said, you just need to clear your cache. The adblocker has nothing to do with it, except if you want to block advertisements *derp*
  3. No way I can tell who's responsible now! LOL!
  4. If only people had reasonably-sized gif signatures.... but nooo a pair of like 500x500px animated gifs with 2000 layers each. Such a shame I won't be able to see that hilarious "Accept Jesus and win a Free PSP" banner again.
  5. Highly unlikely it's them. There is no record, anywhere, of such titles. I remeber though like 10 years ago I heard (or read) something about a song called "The Chains", or something like that. Some links could clarify it.
  6. wow thanks. "Ignore"... yeah, that makes sense.
  7. I mean, not my signature, but others' when I'm seeing a thread. Tried going to My Settings but found nothing that helped. How?
  8. cats

    Asia Tour

    Official now: Radiohead in Taipei, 25 jul 2012 http://radiohead.com/tourdates/25-07-12_taipei01934
  9. It's okay bro. Nobody will judge you here. Not your bad. Radiohead had been making bad decisions since 1992.
  10. I understand when dumbasses don't like Pablo Honey and they're like "bitch please Blow Out is the only worthy track in that shit", but people who leave it out and only consider their next 7 records, are just plainly ignorant and can go burn in hell. And that's my rant about rankings.
  11. citizeninsane.eu is a good starting point. If you're searching for a more comprehensive list you might want to check out http://rhtrack.com/ or http://www.freewebs.com/rhaudioarchive/rhaudio.htm (last updated June 11 2008). Happy 2004!
  12. I bursted into massive LOLs with that one. Also, Jonny's even a guy? Don't think so.
  13. Following Rael's trend 1998 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLRifPue5Ss 2007
  14. Jesus Christ... I feel really sorry for you. :\
  15. Someone on Atease has just revealed it's Chris Sopa, from a Toronto band called Public. http://www.myspace.com/public Sorry guys, not Thom, not Radiohead. Happy Xmas!
  16. Exactly my thoughts. Matt (MyWestStealth... anyone?) sounds MUCH MORE LIKE THOM than the guy on this track.
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