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  1. I'm so glad there's a Master Roshi alias. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0eHzG8YNsg
  2. I'm in Toronto airport; my flight leaves in about five and a half hours. I'm presently sitting on the floor at a busy hallway. I was previously at a quieter location, but was kicked out as security for a flight to Tel Aviv was being prepared. I've noticed that Indian and Israeli flights appear to have extra measures taken at the gate.
  3. Well I didn't really care for that album, so.
  4. It might have been a sort of joking reference to the time he really did seem to lose his temper, with Gore Vidal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYymnxoQnf8
  5. Yanni

    New guy's top 10

    Hello Miles, welcome to MT!
  6. I like a few songs from Ray of Light, especially the title track, but yeah I think that had more to do with William Orbit than anything else.
  7. I never got the fuss. I think it's just one of those things where someone goes "oh hey, that song's kind of catchy" with regards to some overplayed pop song, they see some curious things about her image and read into it a sort of artistic integrity (see the long thread posted here a while back about someone reportedly having their mind blown), and then suddenly she's a genius. I feel the same way about Madonna.
  8. I'm somewhat contrary in feeling A-Z to be something of a pinnacle of post-punk that the great early Wire albums were sort of gradually leading up to.
  9. Yanni

    fuck it

    "Just Watch the Fireworks" is Jimmy Eat World's masterpiece. Clarity is for the most part very impressive. I dunno what happened to them afterwards.
  10. I was into fan fiction from ages 12-16, mostly writing it (I think I only hit my stride in the last fan fiction I started writing, and would like to burn everything else I made prior to that), but never was into lemons, for obvious reasons.
  11. It would be so funny if that actually wasn't sexual. I'd just read the reviews (presuming it was a site with reviews like fanfiction.net, where sex is not allowed).
  12. Let's not get carried away with ad hominem attacks. There are substantive reasons why I wouldn't vote for him in the hypothetical situation that he would go on to win the nomination and I'd be a U.S. citizen residing in Tennessee. Personally, the things I find most amusing about his campaign are to do with his policies rather than his appearance.
  13. Nope! Thanks for that. Always good to hear some classic Flipper.
  14. I've been really into them for well over a year now.
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