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  1. I dunno. That obviously looks like whoever wrote it is trying to get a rise out of Radiohead fans, and I wouldn't say it's very imaginative either. I don't much care for getting a rise out of people but if I wanted to get a rise out of Radiohead fans, a good way to do it would be to write a dry-like-sandpaper thrashing of Kid A or OKC filled with references to technical prog and metal music (saying things like "Radiohead are charlatans compared to the likes of Atheist"). If people think you're serious (as opposed to the OTT nature of the previous review), and you also listen to music they don't like (metal) and at the same can't really laugh off (technical metal), you can really get on their nerves.
  2. I only add people I've met, except for two people who added me before I imposed the rule and one person who is sort of a relation of a friend of a relation
  3. Andrew Murray likes the Black Eyed Peas!
  4. I've easily topped 20k, but I'm not sure what the figure would be exactly
  5. Maybe they'll mention some albums you haven't thought about before and make good write-ups for them. There are some lists like that. These lists mostly don't qualify among them, but there are a few odd albums that I might look into again over the seven years they've gone through so far
  6. Pretty dull lists, for the most part. I saw a couple of interesting picks lower down the lists over all the seven years so far, but a lot of this uses the same bands and the same lines
  7. Ordinary, everyman rocker likes ordinary, everyman rock music. Big deal
  8. I'm sure there are many lists like that
  9. Well, it's the only song on In Rainbows that reminds me of Coldplay
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