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  1. yeah, because you count.
  2. i've done both of those plus more while belonging to mt. just my free time has come here. laaaame
  3. blah, i'm dangerously close to being here 4yrs myself. i feel like i JUST made that 3yr thread. fuuuuck
  4. ok, i lied and i really hate this quick reply because you have to push a button to activate it every time? what the fuck, how is that quick motherfuckers? and hey dolly =) i've been away from the computer a lot lately. but now i'm just giving up on real life and diving back into MT HOW EXCITINGGGGG <3 how's you?
  5. no, the colours look good. but i really really hate the new banner =(
  6. yeah, i'd just ask around and see who appreciates them enough to see them in concert, and be like, hey man i've got an extra ticket if you're interested.
  7. yeah, it's not like you have to worry about it immediately, but i'd still recommend finding a friend to take. i'm pretty friendly with my ex's, but i wouldn't want to go anywhere with them within a year after we broke up (depending on how serious we were)
  8. dude, take a friend (not her) that way you'll be able to fully enjoy yourself. no bullshit arguments and such
  9. nope. no joke. they all died in a major plane crash
  10. holy shit that poor dog!!! i still laughed really hard.
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