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  1. yeah, thinking back I have no idea why I did so much. it was a very bad idea and i'm very lucky something very bad didn't happen. i honestly believe it was divine intervention
  2. damn, a whole year? i'll have to stay at home and write new songs with jonny. damn.
  3. At Bonnaroo in 2006, I took about 1/4 oz of psilocybin mushrooms during Beck's set. While they were clearing the stage and setting up for Radiohead, the sky began to change colors and I started to identify people in the crowd as being angels or demons. I was about to witness the final battle of good versus evil, and I could see a queue of people, millions long, fading into the woods to the left of the stage, I think where the sun was setting. They were waiting to be judged and go to their final resting place. I don't remember the first song Radiohead played at Bonnaroo, or really much
  4. websites like MT are able to run because of the revenue generated by these ads, so I feel responsible for allowing them to exist as a contributing member of the community.
  5. I am getting these banner ads on MT advertising a service to tell you about people's secrets and who in your neighborhood has ever been arrested (apparently regardless of whether they were ever found guilty of a crime or not). This disgusts me. What ever happened to respecting people's privacy, and innocent until proven guilty? Why would you want to go snooping into other people's secrets anyway? The only good reason I can think of for this type of service is if you are a malicious person who seeks to harm these people who have been arrested or who have secrets, some of whom keep those
  6. For my personal background and to understand why I would even ask this question, see my post in 'introduce yourself, bitches'. Imagine this: some cosmic or not-so-cosmic event occurs, and you are suddenly a child again, but you are no longer part of your biological family. You have to decide to either go it alone, or be adopted into somebody else's family. The good news is, your favorite band's members love you back and they're all willing to adopt you. So you get to choose which Radiohead member to trust and love and think of as your parent and guardian forever, someone who will never in
  7. i think i've already posted in here saying essentially nothing, but i'm drawn to post now and say hi, since a lot has changed since July 1, 2007. in these 6 years, i've finished college (gaining a bachelor of science degree), moved to seattle, made friendships that will last my entire life, my next life, and every thing above, beyond, beside, beneath, betwixt [...] including but not limited to infinity, eternity, forever and ever and ever and ever and [...] not withholding and notwithstanding any and all religious or other spiritual responsibilities or inter-existential peacemaking expecta
  8. I'm really sad to hear about this. I was in a bit of a daze after reading about it yesterday, I couldn't help but think about all the "what ifs". My thoughts and condolences go to Scott Johnson's family and friends, the rest of the crew and the band. I can't imagine how sad/shaken everyone must be. Besides time taken for replacing gear and making another lighting rig, I would totally understand if there are more cancellation(s) to cope with this. Someone mentioned the second set of gear from the 2006 tour, I do remember reading that too. So hopefully when everyone's ready, the equipment will b
  9. Anybody have moment(s) to share where during a Radiohead show you got goosebumps and shivers running up and down your body? My most memorable was in San Diego June 26, 2006 (http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/radiohead/2006/bayside-san-diego-ca-63d6ba5f.html) at the end of the second encore (of three). They had just finished Everything in its Right Place, Jonny was still on the stage, and the lights were spelling out "forever and ever and ever..." (usually they said "Everything Everything Everything..."). I felt so immersed in warm energy (probably because it was hot out) and felt kind of dazed
  10. Yeah, the GA numbers are just for counting or whatever.
  11. Saved to camera roll. so jealous too...
  12. Anyone find pictures from ACL? I know they discourage cameras but it would be cool to see. Sucks that we won't get to watch this for awhile...
  13. I think it's always been 4 when I have bought them.
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