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  1. how much were you listening to aum when you were making this record?
  2. yeah who cares, the songs themselves are sweet. haha so it's basically a pimp maracca
  3. vacuum: man with good atmosphere production this could sound really amazing. fucking awesome rhythms and stuff, and it's well-put together overall. pretty sure this is improvd - mazing skielz bro sharp clouds: love this one's name. sharp clouds. really solid song though, the allout attack with the acoustic is pretty effective. and the bongo hits that seemed sorta random brought some lols. what're those effects, dunno but they're really sweet. so yeah solid "tune", especially without the various effects afforded electric guitars mindwater: the strumming could be more effective if it was
  4. psyfur


    yeah and with ihg's review people will feel guilty about rating it lower, so we're pretty much impenetrable!
  5. because mediafire was down today I didn't want to download anything, so I'll get this tomorrow
  6. Paranoid Android (9) Exit Music (For a Film) (6) Karma Police (1)- Climbing Up The Walls (5)+ Lucky (4)
  7. 1. Like Spinning Plates 2. How to Disappear Completely 3. Climbing Up the Walls 4. Airbag 5. Morning Bell 6. In Limbo 7. No Surprises 8. Street Spirit 9. Where I End and You Begin 10. My Iron Lung 11. There There 12. The Tourist 13. Pearly* 14. Idioteque 15. The Bends 16. Pyramid Song 17. Exit Music (For a Film) 18. Paranoid Android 19. 2+2=5 20. Dollars & Cents 21. A Reminder 22. Let Down 23. You 24. The Trickster 25. The National Anthem
  8. dunno I'll probably type it out at school tomorrow or something and don't know what that comment's supposed to mean, I do post in grt on occasion. plus mooks like never says anything to me anyway
  9. I'd rather read lightning bolt comix then waste 2 minutes typing that crap out
  10. http://rateyourmusic.com/list/Cyghfer/top_radiohead_songs
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