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    just? it's the one that sparked my passion
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    all; right now Kid A
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    the real incubus (their old stuff)
    the doors
    loui xiv
    call and response

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  1. friends because you like Air and Tool

  2. Ha, it sure has. Happy to see you here.

    "Just/Paranoid has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?"

    Hello :)

    hey, new album. Your thoughts? How are you, Toni-Marie?

  3. We shoud have planned this out better. Wish I could meet up with you guys somewhere.
  4. yeah, Anderson Cooper always had some Radiohead playing. I like how Life as a House didn't have Life in a Glass House, but HTDC instead.
  5. So I can't go to the florida show. I'm selling my ticket for 70 dollars, and that's pretty much what I paid for it. Section 15, Row P, Seat 6. I'm going to try ebay as well but I just wanted to let you guys know.
  6. So who started MT? Creator?
  7. yeah, Louis isn't for everyone. A lot of people actually hate them here. you should check them out first. http://www.myspace.com/louisxiv
  8. Skip Divided is the best song of the album, and an amazing song.
  9. It doesn't matter to me. period.
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