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  1. i tried. it just says "failed to set new photo" edit: i tried to change my own. obvs.
  2. yeah, really couldn't choose, and i wub colin so, yeah. he should get more credit for his bass.
  3. yeah i don't think its very poppy either, but then i already told him what i think about it.
  4. theres so much to choose from. if you'd never heard them before and didn't hear thom's voice on every song, i wonder if you could tell it was always the same band.
  5. wolf at the door meeting in the aisles paranoid android bloom motion picture soundtrack pyramid song life in glasshouses like spinning plates just creep faust arp tourist
  6. wahey, triple post! fixing fixing thats their standard web design crew he does their websites new radiohead.com design
  7. i dunno, i don't care for this shade of green, but thats a really insignificant criticism. just knowing they aren't ignoring everything makes me feel GREAT!
  8. yeah, i have to say this makes me feel good and hopeful again.
  9. you can't see the jagged line things growing up from the bottom of the main page? edit: hahah, ok good
  10. that looks awesome. not so much the green, but all the stuff shooting up from the bottom of the page.
  11. did you upgrade from the dl? or straight up buy the newspaper album?
  12. this isn't the IR discbox.
  13. just sayin, probably don't want to count on much, or any fantastic multi multi thing.
  14. i dunno you guys. its probably just gonna be some dumb packaging that looks like a 'newspaper'.
  15. pretty sure nobody here thought a new release would come the next day . ..
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