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  1. because you're threatening to leave the board over a deleted thread. seems like quite the over-reaction.
  2. i think you're being ridiculous
  3. my brain is not in the state to handle that gif ahghhghghghghg
  4. hahaha, your post of the day winner is a good one.
  5. hell no i wouldn't. and anyone who said yes is a dumbass
  6. Novinha


    it's weird not seeing the batman avatar anymore
  7. ehh, the actually etiology of personality disorders is unknown. they haven't much of a clue.
  8. because once you go to a psychiatrist or psychologist for a side effect (such as depression or something) and they diagnose you as borderline, then you know you're behaving abnormally. but it's very hard to change, because as the name "borderline personality disorder" implies, it is part of your personality, part of your character. the prognosis for personality disorders in general is incredibly poor. nothing works because how do you change someone's personality?
  9. no. you don't really realize the way you're behaving is abnormal, why would you change it?
  10. personality disorders are ego-syntonic. which means you like the way you are, or at least wouldn't want to change it.
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