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  1. Never in doubt! Blowing off the ceremony isn't worth the grief, c'mon lads, just show up, smile, say thank you, and play a couple of tunes, done
  2. What a great seat this person had - right in front of Jonny! Love the 'scribbly' light show too Can't believe they're doing 'Twisted Words'. I was certain we'd seen the last of that one.
  3. Cool little story from Austin - this guy bumps into Radiohead shopping for synths http://www.vulture.com/2016/10/radiohead-went-synth-shopping-with-a-fan.html
  4. Well if anyone does happen to have an extra for tonight (8/8) I would love to go. I'm still hoping for a miracle.....(long time member here, not a noob, just sayin')
  5. I will do anything to go this show. Even make a video. Doesn't say how long it should be...
  6. There's nothing in his hands, what an actor!
  7. Soundboard recordings from the Roundhouse streamed across the globe and NOBODY recorded it?
  8. octoban

    garden party

    Don't see anything about this? Thom plays a backyard party... http://pigeonsandplanes.com/2016/06/thom-yorke-garden/
  9. But these tickets cannot be re-sold because of the photo ID thing! So I don't know what you're talking about "pre-sold to res-ellers". I, too was shut out trying to get Shrine tickets, and I'm pissed off too, but I WISH I was able to buy one on Ebay. But I can't even do that with the restrictions in place. What I think they could've done is either offer tickets to those fans who have been on this site for years and those who have bought their albums from Waste before ( not the typical "pre-sale" thing because people just sign up the day before they go on sale) OR go old school and sell tickets at the Shrine box office only so us fans could line up and beat those with the faster computers. I agree that it would be great to see "additional shows added due to popular demand" but that probably ain't gonna happen.
  10. I got shut out for the Shrine. Will try again Friday. grrrrrr
  11. I saw a pre-sale date of March 16th for the L.A. gigs, but now it's gone?
  12. Work has just begun http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2014/09/radiohead-is-officially-back-in-the-studio.html
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