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  1. I predict dawn chorus to be on it. though we haven't heard it.
  2. whatever happened to dawn chorus? judging solely by the title it sounds more like an opener. But wasn't thom really excited about that song? none of us care since he never previewed it live?
  3. haha, hey creep! you and I. makin shart jokes and crackin each other up! a start of a beautiful relationship. or should I say "shart" of a beautiful relationship
  4. That means I was cool before all this! a relief. damn it I killed the thread. I tend to kill threads. please continue the discussion and pretend I didn't happen.
  5. I'm trying to learn how to be cool on the internet. hows this: its more like the 625 peices of art are like frickin chunks of poo. and then they send that out and when you get it its all like "eww gross cantbeleive they did that" and you just throw it away right then and there "cant believe I blew 48 bucks on POO"
  6. yeah seriously 5 freakin days "forget aboudit" I say.
  7. damn it I was trying too hard. I'll have another whack at it later btw I've been a MT member 5 years longer than you I'm automatically cooler
  8. I dont think morning bell/amnesiac is necessarily out of place, but for some reason I cringe everytime it comes on right after knives out. those two should not be next to each other. But I think its cool when I consider Thom's explaination of it being a reoccurring dream between Kid A and Amnesiac. it should be elsewhere on the record though...
  9. hm yeah wull i think its just a typo, they meant to write 625 peices of FArt haha and then they all take turns farting into a jar 625 times!!! HAHAAH and send it out to everyone OMG how funny (and freaking GROSS!!) would that be!!1!?
  10. That's funny, cuz last night I was thinking about how a newspaper has different sections (limbs?). Maybe each section of the newspaper is an ep. Each ep would have it's own theme just like a newspaper. Obviously, this would mean that they recorded a lot of songs and that's probably not likely. I just thought it would be a cool idea. Anyone think I'm on to something?
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