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  1. How is We suck young blood not on this list???
  2. whimpering at the breakdown in Let Down anyone?
  3. I'm listening to it as I'm posting this. FREAKIN' AMAZING!!!!!!
  4. yeah i was thinking it could have been a combination of a wh1 with a delay pedal?
  5. damn i could have sworn i've seen him click a pedal in that video but i guess you can't really see it.
  6. Hey does anyone know the guitar effect Johnny uses to do the big sounding pitch shifts in the middle of the song wolf at the door? i.e. the part where thom sings "when i squeal to the cops"
  7. when i first listened to radiohead it was on an xbox without album or song names. i didnt even like them either. dumb me. when i wised up: the bends ok computer pablo honey amnesiac kid a httt in rainbows
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