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  1. i got your back chuck can i call you chuck? thanks
  2. Your not wrong there pal.

  3. Umm, how do I put this nicely. Fuck you.

  4. dont u ever click on my prfile again u basterd

  5. That can't be real, it looks like a wax model, and the eyes! They have to be contacts.

  6. Your profile picture scares the shit out of me, who is it?

  7. i would personally just go plink plink but it's good to get a heads-up on tuning. i'm gonna have to start a slow browse around the city.

    it's a huge instrument though. I wonder if it's reasonable for my doll house. thanks for your replies.

  8. it looks like guitarrons are tuned A D G C E A, so i imagine you could probably tune it down to E A D G B E like a guitar and just use the E A D G, which is what the bass is tuned to. it might sound kind of flappy or buzzy though depending on how tight the strings are when you tune them down

  9. i realised i had messed after i sent you the message. sorry for the confusion. i think what i saw in mexico was a guitarron. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guitarr%C3%B3n_mexicano. i'm gonna do some research on it before i ask any more stupid questions. have you seen guitarron before?

  10. what???? guitarra is just the spanish word for guitar isn't it? do you mean using a guitar as a bass? because you could tune it down an octave but the strings would hit the frets on the neck all the time

  11. Good morning Senor Rael,

    I was wondering if you would be willing to give me some advice on guitarras. I found out about them when I was in Mexico, and I"m wondering if it would be sensible for me to look for one and use it as a bass. Or your general opinion about it. You can also put your arms in the air and say "i don't care". Happy NY and peace in your world.

  12. i thought we were going to ban "disapointed" ????
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMh-zeDZPOE
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