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  1. WOW, Thats really disgusting....I guess Ill leave and find somewhere eles to go. Seems that noone here likes to talk much to me. Sorry for wasteing everyones time...........
  2. here is something to talk about! I lik ethese bands... RadioHead,Deftones,SoulFly,Old Sepultura,ColdPlay,SmashingPumpkins,RATM,Primmer55,SpineShank,The Prodigy,Lords Of Acid,Gravity Killz,AAF, and my Fav movie sountracks are: Kids, LostHighWay:The Crow:Vanilla Sky.....um what eles....I love Tons of other bands..I just cant list em all...What about you? besides dogs, what do u like? LOL
  3. Damn, you have alot of dog pix. Is this the only converstation I'm going to get out of you? LOL. Well...hmm, Please dont respond with another dog picture. LMAO.
  4. ewwww! ummm..really..ewwwwwwwww I dont know what to say to that! How about...Sorry for asking?!?
  5. Im working on my own music...who knows maybe u all will be writeing about my music someday and how much it has helped you threw hard times. LOL. I doubt that but, it's fun to think about! Im crazy. LOL
  6. ohhh I knew that was comming..Tenessee I realy dislike it here, Im moveing in 3 weeks though. to wheer I dunno. I lov etraveling and adventure..where ever I go it will certainly be better then TN.
  7. ha! strange?How so? I like to think I rock! lol, Im on eof th enicest people ever!
  8. hmmm, so anyone eles here around my age? Just wondering. Im sitting here rocken out and checken my e-mail. So whats up people?
  9. LMAO oh my goodness, Funny Ian, and as for the other question, Im 23 years old. Nice to talk to you all.
  10. "Fade Out" makes me cry everytime I hear it. Makes me feel..numb at times, i dunno maybe I am crazy, but the song is like its own being. I feel, desperate and an un ending saddness, scared, everytime I hear it. Then agine alot of people call me a phsychotic dork..LMAO who knows, Im just giveing u all my opinion.
  11. Hello....WaWaWaWaWaWaWa... I keep falling over, I keep passing out when I see a face like you..
  12. "Bullet Proof" and "You" , Wow, Im sad now...Damn it!
  13. Hmmm, RadioHead, I love the lyrics, I love the music itself, I would agree about them being perfect. Just my opinion.
  14. La lalalalalaaaa Im way too obsessed with RadioHead! But, I wouldnt have it any other way! Ha! I sing it so much people I chill with get annoied with me. Oh-well...I guess they(RadioHead) just get me motivated to live a bit! I like when a band can get me motavated and they definatley do it for me. Does that make me a dork? Eh, fuck it if it does!
  15. Hello, Im new to this site! Just call me WaWa. Anyways, whats up with all of you? I hope all is well.!
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