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  1. You know what! I have been Nice I have tried to be nice to most of you. I can say some of you are GREAT! Very nice and sweet. But for those of you who have been rude to me ....you was a noob once too! So instead of being smartasses to me, those of you who have been, just be cool with me. Im just here to talk about music and have fun.! AND NO IM NOT SOCIALY CHALLENGED THANKS! <_
  2. why? who do people think I am? LoL. Im just a noob. How do i post my pix anyways? Im a retard when it comes to computers. Hell, I do well to turn my tv on by the remote control
  3. Im WaWa.....Just a chick hanging around...finding stuff to get into..
  4. awesome. I hope to travel there some day. I have heard ho wbeautiful it is there. I want to see it some day. Nice to meet you.
  5. Great, my batteries to my cd player thingy just ran out...no music for the WaWa, unless I can find more batteries..Im moveing in 3 weeks so I hav ealmost everything packed away. I have to have my music or I'll go completly crazy....
  6. Thank you! I am obsessed with music. Troll eh? well, hmmm I dunno what to say now LOL.
  7. Today Im in "Fade Out*street Spirit*" state of mind
  8. hmmm.... well so what is up with everyone here? How are you all doing? Im trying to make friends. LOL
  9. yea ....lol i found that out! no offense but are you male/female? Im a chick! Just in case ur wondering
  10. RadioHead Deftones Smashing Pumpkins ColdPlay SoulFly and old Sepultura The Prodigy Lords of Acid Gravity Killz RATM soooo many I just cant keep track! But, RadioHead owns them all in my opinion. I just love them that much.
  11. any and all..although my fav IS RadioHead...I just love all music well I hate country..so not all lol
  12. Is there anyone who would care to discuss music or ANYTHING? Just wondering. I'm new here and it seems as though noone wants to talk with me. Oh-well
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