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  1. Originally posted by dylan-GP@Jan 1 2005, 05:00 PM

    The following are pretty much definite


    Arts (Yours and theirs)



    Computer Geekdom


    what else?

    let's have one dedicated to me!!! WaWa!!!! lol u know I'm playing...I would, however like to see a creative writeing one.

  2. Originally posted by johndoe@Jan 24 2005, 12:44 AM

    One of my favourite radiohead unplugged performances is you. Its just jonny anmd thom. thom on his acoustic and jonny on his electric. its amazing. they play it in this room and i think they use the rooms natural acoustics to get a very good sound. Thom puts so much energy into that performance. i could watch that video every day.

    funny I was going to say YOU as well...I will anyways..YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU


    you are the sun and moon and stars ..are u

    and i could never run away from u


    I love this song..I used to sing it to my one and only love of my life.... :( ..awe Im all sad now..I hate memories

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