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  1. I cannot believe you people are this stupid. Why did I post it? To get the message to her, because I couldnt call her anyother way. She comes to this board, and she was online. I wanted to make sure she saw it. There is no other reason. God knows I dont need to be any more popular on the internet. Who does? Attacking someones grammer online, is a sign of weakness. It means there is nothing else you can say, and you have to attack tiny things to make yourself feel good. I dont want to use correct english, I think American English is a fucking butchery to language in general. And to answer the question about who acts like that, or who says stuff like that, reffering to this... "She KNOWS how dangerous I am. She KNOWS what the result of this would be." I say stuff like that. I am a dangerous person when angry. When I am normal I am a nice guy. I give people everything I can give them, and I go out of my way to be nice to people. The very second someone mistakes my kindness for weakness, is the second they fucked up. When I get angry I am very emotional, and I cant remember what I do. It doesnt make me cool, it doesnt make me "tougher", it just makes me dangerous when I am angry. She knows that, she has seen it first hand. My reason for saying that, is because she knows I would have done something drastic if she was here, and I found out about this shit, yet she chose to do it anyways? I dont understand people entirly, but hey, if you want to be a stain on the floor, more power to you. I figured this is YOUR board, not mine. I wont be back here to chat, as I think Radiohead is annoying. Not that they are not talented, I just cant stand to listen to them. So I figured you deserved a bit of explination on your board, as to what is going on. Just know that she looks nothing like her pictures she posts on here. She changes the angles, and edits it to suit her needs. I guess everyone does that. She obviously is not to be trusted either. This is what she looks like.
  2. I thought you hippies were all about karma? either that or your the ones with heavy mascara on at school who is a smartass, and get beat up for it. OR your the stereotypical kid who thinks your more intelligent then you really are, so you use big words, and try to look smart for people, when you really as dumb as a dog. Either way, if your not in those catagories, then you understand my situation. If not, then you seem to have me confused with someone who wants your attention, and actually cares about what you think.
  3. Obsessive-Compusive? I let her do EVERYTHING. I NEVER questioned her on ANYTHING. She lives under MY ROOF. I pay for ALL OF HER FOOD. ALL of her clothes. I pay for EVERYTHING. I let her take my laptop, and my cellphone to her mothers, just so she could have the internet. I try to messageher so she could watch her favorite show, and what I find is while she is living under MY roof, she is trying to hit on some guy online, and aparently had some kind of online relationship with some guy that was married. You say I was obsessive? Hell if anything I wasnt obsessive ENOUGH!
  4. There is NO explanation. PERIOD. She knows how I am, and what I would do if I saw it. ITs her problem. Im done responding to it. She can contact me, she knows how, but the result will remain the same.
  5. you kill and eat teenage boys, and some big black man kicked your skull into the bars at the jail. I bet that felt good. Eitherway, I do love her, but I am not willing to allow her to deceive me, and toy with my life. This is HER fault, not mine. The way you guys talk, you act like your kids. I figured you were more adults. If you were adults, then you would understand that this is not some middleschool romance. We made a commentment. She broke that. Not me. I have been SO true to her, its almost repulsive. So much so that if a pretty women walks into a store, I will look down at the floor, so that I dont disrespect Tansi by looking. I dont even talk to women. If I had even TALKED to a female, she would flip out. I expect to be respected in turn. She choose not to respect me. Now its her problem.
  6. It is not about him being a problem. If I was worried about him, I would just kill him. It has nothing to do with him, and you havent seen me say an ill word about him. Its about her. Its about Honesty, and Trust. Something she obviously doesnt have.
  7. Obviously your 14. I am 27. If you had a wife, or someone you were planning on being your wife, and you just HAPPEN to see some private messages, and some post about being her wanting to be some guys valentine, and her talking about how she wants to cuddle, and kiss some other guy, I am sure you would be a bit concerned yourself. The difference is I am not the type of guy that will allow this type of crap. I will cut it off as soon as it starts. If you dont, they will keep going. Then one day, you wake up married to someone who has given you an STD, cause they have been sleeping with people behind your back. Then you have to get a divorce, split up your belongings, including your house, and deal with the families. FUCK THAT. You would be offended as well.
  8. She makes a wonderful mother. She cares a shitload about that kid. Its just obvious she doesnt care enough about me, or our relationship.
  9. How can you fucking doubt it? She ISNT a mother, cause we gave the child up for adoption.
  10. I Have been her boyfriend since 1999. We have had a kid. whatever. Eitherway, Im over it.
  11. If you believe that for one second, then you yourself are selling yourself short. I live in a world where the person I trust can say one wrong thing, and end my life in an instant. This comes down to trust. If a person can find it in themselves to be unfaithful on the internet, then they can also be in real life. Why in the FUCK would I waste my time with someone that could do that? I DONT have time for that childish shit. I am an adult, and I expect to be dating an adult. If she cant be a fucking adult, then its over. You dont understand me, you dont even know me. She KNOWS how dangerous I am. She KNOWS what the result of this would be. So instead of any of that happening, Im walking the fuck away from it, and Im not even going to put myself in that situation. Yes, this IS real. This is not some stunt. My name is Jon, and I WAS her man, but fuck this, this is not the only time I have had her do something like this, but this WILL be the last.
  12. Well, Tansi, I got on here, because I called MY cell phone to tell you 3rd watch would be on tonight at 9. Then My cellphone wouldnt pick up, so I knew you was ONLINE, On my new fucking laptop, using the damn phone to get online. So I get online to send you a message here to call me, and I see all this shit about "Be My Valentine" And How you are gona love all over this Cesar guy. Let me be the first motherfucker that you have ever met to show you a difference between a man, and a boy. Fuck you, Im done with you. I hope he can pay your bills, and I hope he can house you and cloth you. I will be DAMNED If some girl will use MY computers, to DISRESPECT ME, By talking love bird shit behind my back. Ill be moving to Vegas by myself.
  13. today the lag has been bad, I dunno if its me r this site. I dont have problems any where eles and for some reason, my internet keeps crashing. Today has been bizzare. Im on cable modem and my provider is comcast. I absolutely hate comcast but where I live they will only allow comcast in my building. Just wanted to vent about it.
  14. I never`thought she was pretty anyways. I dunno something about her is just off. She looks nasty and that pic posted omg ewwwww. Brittny is another one who is just nasty and she needs to wash her hair more often. Ick!
  15. WaWa Kitty


    Zania youre one of my homies and you voted that I pleasure people? thanks a ton realy....I saw the presentage. You suck! lol
  16. WaWa Kitty


    ewwww now the pleasure one is winning how sucky. the only one I pleasure is myself me me me me me me me ME!!!
  17. yea I saw and it is just scarey. Ill have nightmeres forever.
  18. what did you do step on it? That would suck. I always have to buy all my RadioHead stuff on line the stores and records shopes where I live are horrible. Do you have the whole collection of their albums and unreleased and whatnot?
  19. WaWa Kitty


    omg *runs and hides under the bed*
  20. WaWa Kitty


    OMFG you all ae voteing pleasure you!!! ewwwwwwwwwwwww pleasure you and never change to please you are tied!!!!! omg ewwwwwwwwwww pick the first one not pleasure you pervs. lmao this is some of the funniest crap Ive seen in a while.
  21. WaWa Kitty


    "I will never change to please you!" shhhhhhhhh
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