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  1. what did you do step on it? That would suck. I always have to buy all my RadioHead stuff on line the stores and records shopes where I live are horrible. Do you have the whole collection of their albums and unreleased and whatnot?
  2. I slept but got no rest I think Ill go sleep some more... sleep sleep sleep... what a wonderful dream!
  3. I swear ...... this post kept me laughing....
  4. let's have one dedicated to me!!! WaWa!!!! lol u know I'm playing...I would, however like to see a creative writeing one.
  5. i live in ur hell yell at me one more time...and I swear ill do it im never good enough push me change me to what u want hit me in the face with ur gun agine and see what happens... ill be waiting
  6. funny I was going to say YOU as well...I will anyways..YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU you are the sun and moon and stars ..are u and i could never run away from u I love this song..I used to sing it to my one and only love of my life.... ..awe Im all sad now..I hate memories
  7. *isnt sure if I should say this* but...I dont like The Beatles, though I respect them alot...I think RadioHead is better..my vote went to RH
  8. I absolutely love singing Blow Out and Thinking about You. I sing very well!!!! Come on!!! someone start a band with the WaWa LOL! hahaha!!
  9. LoL, we like what we like and yea..for now I like em. I like tons of diffrent stuff! Thank you by the way. You seem like a very nice person
  10. I do like verve and blur....so nice! I also like muse and hell im sitten here listening to 3sixmafia..i switch up my music all the time. i am never bored with it. i love my music!!!! TOOL! Hmm, Maynard is an awesome vocalist.!!!
  11. You all put alot of time and effort to make this site the best! GREAT JOB! GREAT PIX!
  12. I sat wondering if I had to pick one RadioHead song as my fav, wich would I pick....there is no way I could pick just one. Hmmmm...
  13. Tool kicks ass!!! Im from TN by the way. Cory, do you like Primmer 55 or SpineShank?
  14. well, I will and I always have admitted that my writeing skillz are not th ebest but, does the way you spell or place words make up the person that you are? I dont think so. LoL..Thats why I cant understand why everyone is flipping out over a miss spelled word or a (!) in the wrong place. WHO CARES!!!! LOL. Im here to enjoy you people and to just chill out.
  15. have you ever heard it? I would have to say Deftones is my second fav band
  16. My day has been good , thank you. Right now Im listening to Deftones..and writeing some of my own music. Im enjoying my time. Im in the US, its 8:40 eastern time here. I hardly ever sleep. I hate sleep.
  17. LoL....You dont seem stuck up at all, you seem, from what little I know of you, very nice. Anyways, how are you tonight? All is well here.
  18. Wow, It's funny how some of you are sooo stuck up! As for those of you who are not. Its nice talking with you all. The people who sit here and judge others on a message bored when they dont even know them is fucking stupid. It is funny to me. Hahahahahahhaha
  19. yea well wonderful, you find me annoying, maybe i find you incredably boreing.... Instead of judgeing me right off, why dont you try talking to m efirst b4 you find me annoying. ANYWAYS.....
  20. Thanks Dylan, I am new and already, Im stirring things up a bit it seems! Sorry bout that. Anyways Thank you for the welcome. I look forward to getting to know you all an dwhat ever eles goes on here! So....yea....Ill be seeing you around! XOXOXOXO WaWa
  21. I like the meaning behind the song...and yea it's creepy but I like creepy...
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