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  1. what did you do step on it? That would suck. I always have to buy all my RadioHead stuff on line the stores and records shopes where I live are horrible. Do you have the whole collection of their albums and unreleased and whatnot?
  2. I slept but got no rest I think Ill go sleep some more... sleep sleep sleep... what a wonderful dream!
  3. I swear ...... this post kept me laughing....
  4. let's have one dedicated to me!!! WaWa!!!! lol u know I'm playing...I would, however like to see a creative writeing one.
  5. i live in ur hell yell at me one more time...and I swear ill do it im never good enough push me change me to what u want hit me in the face with ur gun agine and see what happens... ill be waiting
  6. funny I was going to say YOU as well...I will anyways..YOU YOU YOU YOU YOU you are the sun and moon and stars ..are u and i could never run away from u I love this song..I used to sing it to my one and only love of my life.... ..awe Im all sad now..I hate memories
  7. *isnt sure if I should say this* but...I dont like The Beatles, though I respect them alot...I think RadioHead is better..my vote went to RH
  8. I absolutely love singing Blow Out and Thinking about You. I sing very well!!!! Come on!!! someone start a band with the WaWa LOL! hahaha!!
  9. LoL, we like what we like and yea..for now I like em. I like tons of diffrent stuff! Thank you by the way. You seem like a very nice person
  10. I do like verve and blur....so nice! I also like muse and hell im sitten here listening to 3sixmafia..i switch up my music all the time. i am never bored with it. i love my music!!!! TOOL! Hmm, Maynard is an awesome vocalist.!!!
  11. You all put alot of time and effort to make this site the best! GREAT JOB! GREAT PIX!
  12. I sat wondering if I had to pick one RadioHead song as my fav, wich would I pick....there is no way I could pick just one. Hmmmm...
  13. Tool kicks ass!!! Im from TN by the way. Cory, do you like Primmer 55 or SpineShank?
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