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  1. I was drinking with friends and something in our conversation made me think of some MT thing for the first time in ages, so I decided to actually revisit the board and do a little vanity search. When I left last time, I did not really plan to ever return, and I am not returning now either, but of course I did quite like that I was mentioned so often in a thread called 'The History of MT'. I shouldn't be particularly proud of the way I placed my name in that history, but there are some posts that I still think are pretty great, like the whole bearstory thread, but there's also just way too much stuff where I used people's weaknesses against them to make them feel even weaker. Today I think one of my better traits is the ability to use humour to take the edge off horrible and mean and depressing things, but I think my approach on MT was much closer to just amplifying horrible, mean, and depressing things. The most pathetic part is that this was just so incredibly common to the whole rapefish character and not even just an occasional fringe thing. It really overshadowed the funny and entertaining stuff in the end. Partly that was of course because of what a miserable self-loathing drunk fuck I was, partly what a young immature boy I was, partly because of the nature of how people perceive their place in a community. I think online communities are kinda like weird gangs of people who you hang out with back in school in the way that, although you believe that you have completely separated yourself from them rationally and emotionally, as soon as you find yourself amongst them you just instinctively act in a certain way that you expect them to expect from you, without even being particularly conscious of it. That's why I would never come back here even if I would want to (for whatever bizarre reason). I would just probably slip back into the juvenile and unpleasant character that is the Rapefish without even noticing. There's quite a few MT people who I really miss though, like bleesh and alfonso and emily, so if any of them should see this, I hope that they'll give me a message and that we can maybe have a talk someday on skype. I'll check back in a few weeks, probably. <3
  2. I would say that too, but I would say it in a bad way
  3. Fish

    next week when I am done with essays etc

  4. It is alright if you think of it as a Thom Yorke solo record
  5. Hey I am Thom Yorke and I like hiphop and electronic music! I really do! look at all these playlists I posted on my website, they are evidence of that! I am just like you kids!
  6. Fish

    We should have a skype session or something soonish though if you feel like it, since I will go home in a few days and will be for first time in ages separated from friends/fun/anything of interest that would justify leaving the house

  7. Fish

    I am still around, I just post less and less because there is nothing interesting happening most of the time

  8. nah it is not Kid A all over again, because the people who hated Kid A did so because the style differed to much from what they expected, whereas the people who hate TKOL do so because it is simply dull
  9. This album was so bad that fanboys refused to believe it is the real deal for several months
  10. alright, I think there should be some space in my inbox now. pm me the text. x

  11. Fish

    hey! how have you been? methinks we should arrange a time to skype or something. meanwhile, look at this, it will amuse you: stickyembraces.tumblr.com/post/11774526426/the-mysterious-saga-of-my-doppelganger

  12. I loved the rating thing because my rating was awesome
  13. Maybe a lot of israelis with a guilty conscience really related to the "I don't belong here" part
  14. strangely enough, I did skype with a korean girl in the end anyway

  15. Fish

    my name on skype is 'stickyembraces'. add me, have a chat

  16. Fish

    skype, now instantly. i am on drugs. lets talk!

  17. Fish

    yo do you have skype

  18. yo do you have skype

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