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  1. if i ran it why would i ask for the address?
  2. ahhh yess! that's it. well it might have been atease. i dont remember. it was so long ago. thanks though!
  3. I was on here a while back and saw someone's signature with links to message boards dedicated to individual members of radiohead. well i clicked on the one for thom and joined. but my computer crashed and i dont know the address to that site. can anyone tell me?
  4. I voted thom. his pictures were way better. everyone says they love the lead singer, but i love him because he is just the hottest to me. and has a great voice. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!
  5. ugh, no. i dont care how much people say they do. clay is horrible and thom is far far above him. they should never be compared.
  6. ok computer was my first one... then came hail to the thief
  7. no. i wish.... i have a lot on my mp3 player and two cds....
  8. i enjoy listening to radiohead more. but i really like the beatles. they influenced other bands and blah blah...
  9. i didnt love it the first time. the first song i started to like was fitter happier. but at first i hated it. then i started to like it a lot. now i love it. but that is normally how i am with all my new cds.
  10. best tread ever. but i wonder what would happen if any of them read this. ahahahaha.. again. best thread ever.
  11. hmm.. right this very second? are we talking about radiohead songs? if we are then i'd be exit music (for a film) or if non radiohead songs then im probably.. know how- kings of convenience.
  12. Eh, before Radiohead there was Interpol, Coheed and Cambria. um... i'd say right now radiohead is one of my favorites. i love them so much but i also love other ones.
  13. eh i have a really stupid picture, of not my whole face. i just got my computer formated.. and so i lost everything.
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