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  1. johnny greenwood upset about the death of his unborn child.
  2. there will be so many new members in other music starting sigur ros and coldplay threads.
  3. man i love my monthly quests into grc. it's threads like these that really make me happy. but seriously that happens to me some times when i listen to music, i hear weird parts that aren't there. only when i'm stoned though. were you stoned son?
  4. album is great. i would be so pumped if it was released. i would actually buy it.
  5. well i'm downloading it now. i'm sure i'll like it.
  6. are you going to get it released?
  7. nice, i like it a lot.
  8. yea he could come back, but would he actually post here?
  9. is zzz... an alias? discuss. i have reasons to believe he is.
  10. the rolling revue. didn't really record any albums but they were such a sweet group of performers.
  11. in the sense of lyrical, rock-type stuff yes yes he is in every way.
  12. rites of spring fuckers. god gen radiohead chat is a bunch of cunts trying to sound intelligent.
  13. ummm have you heard the song glass onion? it's just a parody on how cryptic psychadelic era beatles songs are. and lets just get this strait dylan>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the others.
  14. same with me but replace 18 with 14 and 30 with 17.
  15. god some how i doubt he got the idea solely from jimi page. also yes the lead singer of sigur ros does it as well. in fact he only touches the strings of his guitar once or twice throughout a whole sigur ros show.
  16. a professional classical musician would have an excellent broad taste in music.
  17. yea but johnny writes most of the instrumentation. the trick is to not expect that much from this album. i wasn't expecting anything amazing like kid a or ok computer, or even amnesiac. it's a solid electronica album, that's what i was expecting from the beginning in fact i was expecting it to be well not so good.
  18. i feel kinda sick wearing them, i think i'll revert back to the toga.
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