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  1. How to disapear completely (imo their best song) Let down Planet telex
  2. wall of ice is not dead: I had a chat with Stanley Donwood in Rome, last thursday. He told me that Lp8 artwork will be colourful...the colours reflecting the mood of the band. Then we asked him about Wall of Ice, and he told "we didn't mean to fool you...Wall of Ice is still alive." Found on atease in their lp8 speculation thread!
  3. someone posted this on atease: "I'm pretty sure those buttons someone discovered earlier are just for the image browsing feature, not song streaming unfortunately. If they were, it would have play/playback buttons. Proof is shown when you view an image on DAS now: http://i52.tinypic.com/15tt8w.jpg http://i51.tinypic.com/zko8s8.jpg
  4. Anyone knows what this could be? http://www.radiohead.com/deadairspace/cbimages/controls.png Looks like a media player or something, and the picture is called controls...
  5. one of the voices in the end of the song, around 2:21, sounds alot like thom!
  6. http://www.thisisplymouth.co.uk/features/Cycling-violinist-tackles-tour-Glyndebourne/article-1557213-detail/article.html "WHEN I'M NOT PLAYING FOR GLYNDEBOURNE... I do extremely varied work. I'm a member of the English Chamber Orchestra and the Academy of St Martin in the Fields. I've just finished the recording of Radiohead's latest album and I played on Snow Patrol's last one."
  7. 2+2=5 – 9 Sit Down Stand Up – 6 Sail to the Moon – 8 Backdrifts – 5 Go to Sleep – 9 Where you End and I begin – 8 We Suck Young Blood – 5.5 The Gloaming – 4 There There – 7 (the mest overrated song they have imo) I will – 5 A punch up at a wedding – 3 Myxamatosis – 8 Scatterbrain – 7 A wolf at the door –10 Alot of the songs on this album is better live, espesially 2+2 and the gloaming.
  8. I think this is some of the wierdest stuff I've heard from radiohead in a long long time. I really like it, and it grows on me, but I think it sounds a little raw, both production and arrangement wise. It's a large step away from in rainbows imo, not production, but the song itself, and that i like!
  9. wow, I forgot this thread I'm talking about both studio and live version, the guitar parts at the verse and intro parts. high notes. yeh, sounds like a lot of delay and reverb, but it also sounds like it's a pitch effect there somewhere....? http://www.greenplastic.com/coldstorage/gear/ed.php Yeah, ed do have a whammy pedal
  10. 1. How to disappear completely 2. Paranoid Android 3. The tourist 4. Pyramid song 5. Let down 6. Planet telex 7. Subterranean Homesick Alien 8. Go slowly 9. Kid A 10. Eiirp 11. Lift 12. Jigsaw falling into place 13. Street spirit 14. All I need 15. Lucky 16. Wolf at the door 17. Palo Alto 18. Talk show host 19. Fake plastic trees 20. Blow out 21. Nice dream 22. Dollars and cents 23. 15 step 24. Maquiladora 25. Arpeggi 26. You and whose army? 27. There There 28. Morning Bell 29. Up on the ladder 30. Just 31. Down is the new up 32. Climbing up the walls 33. Knives out 34. Bullet proof... 35. Street spirit 36. Sail to the moon 37. Pop is dead 38. Lozenge Of Love 39. Airbag 40. Polyethylene 41. No suprises 42. Like spinning plates 43. Morning bell/amnesiac 44. Nude 45 Faust arp 46. Go to sleep 47. Reckoner 48. idioteque 49. Where I end and you begin 50. Electioneering 51. 2+2=5 52. A reminder 53. Bangers and mash 54. OPTIMISTIC 55. In limbo 56. Sit down stand up 57. MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK 58. You 59. Killer cars 60. My iron lung 61. banana co 62. How I made my millions 63, Exit music 64. Coke babies 65. House of cards 66. Sail to the moon 67. Sulk 68. packt like sardines..... 69. Kinetic 70. The national anthem
  11. breaking in in your discussion here... This. bands making "mainstream music" wouldn't make albums like kid a or amnesiac
  12. would be very happy if anyone could help me out. I bought 4 tickets for the victoria park shows in london. 2 tickets for each concert. When I bought them I was directed to another site cause they were sould out on waste. I still haven't got any confirmation on my order, even though I've paid for them and I ordered them a few days after they were avaibable. Now I don't renember where I bought them, and I keep trying sending emails to waste asking if they can help me out, but I only get auto.answers, which sucks. "Please be aware we'll only respond to you if your question is notanswered by the information below." Does anybody know what that site is called, or know how to contact waste properly? Thanks for helping! ps, I might have a ticket for sale for one of the shows, the 24th show probably, so if anyone want to buy it pm me.
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