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  1. this is really pretty, from what i can see. really cool bb
  2. i remember dreams in life
  3. haven't picked up a guitar in a year, would like to start again if ican find the time also have an small empty notebook to fill - notes on novel, small drawings and such.. it would be the 4th in a series (have 3 filled already) at some point i'd like to write a children's book for my daughter but idk ~novel writing~ it's really hard. i think my goal is to just do something
  4. olga ilove the nuts i wish i could buy a print of a few of your things, our house has absolutely nothing on the walls
  5. jmaureen


    roger been readin the adventures of huck finn can tell by that post. yesm
  6. jmaureen


    good job ggreen miss you
  7. sup ihggy just pluckedmy brows and now typing one handed to you, for this thread.
  8. just came in here to make sure someone made this post
  9. ~mutual~ aren't you coming here? august?
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