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  1. i know it's ridiculous makes me brianshakefist.gif. the breastfeeding support is awful too, since they push formula it makes sense. formula compared to bm is like mcdonalds vs whole foods, tbh tip from a former/recovering klepto: put anything you can fit in a normal sized purse in sight
  2. yea it's pretty stupid! WIC is supposed to be there for women and infants to get nutrition but they rarely let you buy produce and all the foods they do allow are super processed? okay. the only thing i used my vouchers for the 1 time i used them was like rice, and oatmeal lol thx roseum!
  3. showers w/roger are p efficient but rare nowadays it's probably the only time my back gets cleaned
  4. when i make burgers i often crumple up several dif kinds of cheeses into the hamburger mix. gouda, bleu, etc. plus worcestershire sauce and some spices
  5. i take showers whenever i feel like it! morning afternoon night 4am, whatever! schedules are for trains!!!!
  6. no WIC is kind of not worth the time imo i was on it for like one month but all the food they allow you to buy sucks and i don't use formula and am not gonna use jarred baby foods so it's really not of much value to me
  7. awesome ryan (: we're getting a large sum of money soon back from tax returns + the sale of the car and the tax return itself should pay for at least 3mo rent. relieving! plus we finally got approved for food stamps so uhh things are looking smooth over here too, feels goood.
  8. never said sucking but yea i think it varies from man2man possibly, maybe? should i have said "you want a glob of hairy ballsack in your hand?" instead?
  9. jmaureen


    paging dryan to thread
  10. every once in a while i do this w/p much all internet outlets. right now i'm sayin fk tumblr those ppl are ReDuNdAnt
  11. almost said shaved balls are smooth like ben wa balls but looked them up. nobody should put ben wa balls in their mouth
  12. not gonna lie shaved balls r nice. why wouldn't they be? you want a glob of hairy ballsack in your mouth? a smooth one is not so bad, wish rgr'd shave or trim at least o.o i've tried convincing. maybe this embarrassing post will work i often forget about legs, armpits for some time. i find it's easier to shave pits on like the 3-4th day. less irritating. same w/vag/asshole area. i don't shave the whole thing off leave something to fit in the panties uhh yea good afternoon
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