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  1. binaural recording of thom's vocals on house of cards? i think so. i swear i jumped when i heard the first "eeeeeeeeeee!"
  2. i always thought they could do a total soundscape album. kinda like treefingers and pulk for a whole album. ive always wondered what it would sound like if they did that. i doubt they'd ever want to, but it would probably be pretty cool.
  3. oh yeah. i pulled out ok computer the other day and it was one of the best listens ive ever had with that album. i was also heavily medicated.
  4. i havent even gotten to WIEAYB yet, but this is a pretty bad ass concert.
  5. i played singstar at my friends house and i was like "dude they should have creep on here." uncanny....
  6. wilco is the shit. and that loudness video was really interesting. that's all.
  7. i also think its a beautiful song, but i doubt it will make the album. im just crossing my fingers for a professionally recorded full band version as a b side.
  8. shadows collide with people is pretty brilliant.
  9. one time i fell asleep listening to okc. and then i woke up with no pants on.
  10. in limbo has been my favorite on kid a for awhile. but i don't like/get optimistic.
  11. I hope that fire extinguisher doesn't hit that ol boy in the head.
  12. fair enough. i liked last flowers as the closer because it doesn't sound like any previous closer. my complaint with house of cards is (what is pointed out above) it gives off a similar vibe to the tourist. i guess i just expect radiohead to never do the same thing twice.
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