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  1. i share a birthday with ed o'brien . . . yeah thats right
  2. None of my friends like radiohead. i'll show them some of radiohead's stuff but they find it boring and too unconventional. i have yet to meet a true radiohead fan in my school.
  3. i listen to radiohead when i'm walkingaround my neighboorhood alot. it is quite awesome, ecspecially at night. i don't know if i'm the only one, but it seems like all of radioheads music goes with the beat of everything thats going on. that could just be me, but its pretty sweet.
  4. i liked it a lot. it says a lot in a few lines and those can be the best poems. job well done.
  5. damn, that's too bad. I would imagine it would be the coolest fucking instrument to play. the alesis micron looks pretty sweet.
  6. Is was looking up Radiohead stuff and i noticed that Johnny uses an Ondes Martenot. It looks pretty kick ass. So then i looked into a possible purchasing of an Ondes Martenot. but they look pretty hard to find. Has anybody else done this or have a place to purchase this fine instrument?
  7. Creep Just The Tourist In Limbo Like Spinning Plates Scatterbrain
  8. this should help to people with the same problem as me. http://vigna.dsi.unimi.it/music/likespinningplates.html i don't know if it's right yet, but it looks good
  9. Thanks, that should do. it looks like it would be a pretty fun song to play
  10. does anybody know how to find like spinning plates on piano? like so . . .
  11. Alright same rules as the rest of them. Maybe this thread will be a little less painful as the album threads. I will naturally take out pablo honey. The Bends (5) OK Computer (5) Kid A (5) Amnesiac (5) Hail To The Theif (5)
  12. + Life in a Glass House - Like Spinning Plates Pyramid Song (6) You and Whose Army? (3) Like Spinning Plates (4) Life In A Glass House (7)
  13. How big is the Radiohead fanbase? What bands would they compare to? (compare to as in fanbase) I was talking to my brother, who is not to fond of the Radiohead music scene which i often have to give him a lecture about, about how big Radioheads fanbase is.
  14. how about . . . "you can try the best you can, the best you can is good enough" a lot of lines from optimistic; such as the 'little piggy went to market parody' oh and "lollipops and crisps"
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