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  1. wow, no way? i mean that's a really big specific thing for us to match in. haha
  2. teh_winnar


    you can't not really
  3. well some threads on here can kinda be that way too ...
  4. this line is my favorite part of yr song 'swhat had it be so close
  5. the toy won me over in 20 seconds. i'd vote for you ten times.
  6. another insanely close one for me--went with namehere but moonbear omGGG some of those harmonies man.
  7. this was a really really really close one for me but went with gray
  8. brian. i knew it was the winner when on the second listen i stopped paying attention but was pulled back in and needed to move
  9. am i just voting based on these songs cause its round 1?
  10. my brain and heart can't even handle OP's inclusion of reckoner on the list cant respond wont respond never speak of this again
  11. good lord your attention is valuable are you the fucking president lol
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