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  1. blow your load to something else please
  2. shhh its a secret but i'll tell you what he says go down he says..... "what does the guy say in the just video?"
  3. if your going with the rape idea give me a buzz, i think im near your area
  4. penny said he would rape me if i disscussed the upcoming opec oil meet any convo that doesn't deem suitable by his highness seems to be mysteriously locked and moved not that ive got anything against pen i found him 10X likeable at atease though
  5. hey im fine with the thread moving its just the censorship i hate i don't come here to be told what to say
  6. oh this was so not your fight im okay with the thread moving BUT I HATE THREAD LOCKING GET A LIFE PENNSTER!
  7. Ed remindes me of a gay white MC hammer in that dvd
  8. waddya know? i voted yes
  9. This is a pity post i hope you have learnt your lesson
  10. callling them cunts grabs their attention a little better
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