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  1. Well I see people surfing message boards about others' personal and subjective tastes and interests are still total narcissistic pricks. The Suburbs is a very good album. I still think I like Funeral a bit better but it's a big improvement from Neon Bible, which I didn't particularly care for. I love Animal Collective and anyone who thinks MPP sucked compared to the rest of its catalog is buried deep in their own asses.
  2. This is obviously a nod to the album artwork process for the upcoming release. Its a teaser to get us excited. Speaking for myself, it certainly worked.
  3. Before In Rainbows came out, someone pieced together the best quality versions of all the new songs debuted in the time leading up to IR's release. It was awesome and I listened to it all the time. Has anyone done that on GP for LP8?
  4. You are one lucky and privileged son of a bitch.
  5. fantastic. i've been playing guitar for about a year, and working on thom's opening riff for most of it and i can tell you, singing while playing paranoid android, is no easy feat.
  6. Beautiful, beautiful song. I love both versions but I'm a bit more partial to the piano version. I love Thom's solo performances of RH songs.
  7. One of the funniest threads ever. Queefbag Queeftooth Planet Queef
  8. If you like them that much, and have yet to see them live, you'll cry when you finally do. I did. And I probably will again.
  9. The song does clearly contain an outro, which is very exciting. Is anyone else reminded of the chord progression of Morning Mi Lord for the first few bars of Twisted Words?
  10. Yeah me too man. You're video for Gagging Order addicted me to the guitar. I hope you know how much you're appreciated.
  11. Are you guys fucking crazy? All for the best is beyond beautiful. I'm guessing it loses points for not being Radiohead written.
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