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  1. This isn't a profound statement but just my reaction from seeing them last night: the back catalog is friggen' huge now. They were amazing as usual, but it felt a bit disjoint at times as they pingponged between different eras. No Surprises is like a cute little interlude track now. My first show was the Hail to the Thief tour, which now feels like a different era.
  2. How come everyone on the internet thinks the last bit of Let Down is orgasmic but in real life you never find anyone who feels that way except your one buddy who is always on the internet so he doesn't count? For real though, I have loads of friends who are majorly into Radiohead (although I top them by far cause I'm a fucking nerd who's been on a Radiohead forum for like 8 years), and none of them except that dweeb who plays dungeons and dragons believe that Let Down is incredible. Then I go on the internet and everyone is blowing their load to the end of Let Down. How bout Melatonin? Tha
  3. When I was in High School me and my buddy tried this a few times to try to turn it into "I Will." Long story short, shit does NOT sound like I Will. I was disappointed.
  4. yeah I've noticed. My one friend thinks Knives Out is unlistenable because of the Paranoid Android similarity, I think he's a moron missing out on a good song. I Will (LA) version sounds like a rip off of I Will.
  5. I'm glad you're advancing a novel opinion but what the fuck? Lucky is amazing, CUTW is amazing... The b-sides that ended up on How Am I Driving would never fit in this album, I think the best contender would be Pearly* but where would you put it? When you refer to the first six tracks blowing the rest out of the water -- you serious? Karma Police is a catchy single, sure, but I'm not sure if it has much to it compared to the rest of the album. I also don't think Let Down is up there with the best of the album but apparently everyone on the internet thinks it's a masterpiece (have never
  6. ban all of them then, how the fuck do you listen to optimistic and go straight to idioteque? you crazy or some shit?
  7. The heavy percussion they do on some of the new stuff kinda muddles the sound at times. But the setlists have been great.
  8. show was fucking dope, I don't care about you nerds so I'm keeping the setlist to myself EDIT:
  9. you guys are still nerds but yeah this band does not disappoint live, you're in for a kick-ass show I just wish they'd fucking play transatlantic drawl though... just once for the lols
  10. I am. Sold the ticket already. a 7:30 bus.
  11. you guys are nerds they're just a band but anyway anybody want a toronto ticket?
  12. A friend of mine is getting back to me tonight re: whether or not he can make it to the show, but it is looking like he can't. I'd like to know if people here are interested, otherwise I'm going to find some other method (or just sell them when I get in to Toronto). PM me.
  13. quiet dog is pretty baller ^^ The Toronto show in 2003 was really good, props for posting the video despite the diary entry post
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