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  1. I think bodysnatchers is still a very warm song, especially in the breakdown. Also compared to previous works from hail to the thief like there there, scatterbrain and wolf at the door. It still has some abrasive qualities, I mean it is a rocker, but still more full bodied and thicker than what they usually do.
  2. On the "in the basement" in rainbows performance, it sounded even warmer because ed added a bit of ebow to songs like nude and videotape, which replaced the oohing and aaahing layers of vocals that fill a lot of spaces on the studio versions.
  3. Just not fashionable enough that they wouldn't be bad for the ratings at the grammys.
  4. I'm pretty sure the title is ironic. When you are on a grueling world tour, meeting people becomes easy because it is so routine, just shaking hands and being polite, then move on. Wait is that ironic or just sarcastic? Or in another sense it is like meeting people is supposed to be easy but when you do it all the time, with different record label managers and journalists, it becomes more difficult.
  5. While In Rainbows debuted at number 1 in the U.S.A and the UK, it only got to number 2 on the Australian charts. So they concluded that they musn't be popular over here . Wait thom!!!! We voted you best album and best song ever in a sydney morning herald poll.
  6. Some facts: Radiohead - released 7 albums, sold 30 million - last 4 albums reached number 1 in the UK Coldplay - released 4 albums, sold 40 million - all their albums so far have charted in highest selling UK albums of the 21st of Century - Viva La Vida is the highest selling album of the year worldwide - all albums debuted at number 1 in UK Radiohead - never received a score lower then 9.0 from Pitchforkmedia including two 10.0's (bends and pablo honey aren't reviewed) Coldplay - Viva la vida scored a 6.5 in Pitchforkmedia, their h
  7. Where abouts in Australia do you live?
  8. Why don't the band just get something like this and make a live dvd and sell it? I need to something else to watch besides live at the astoria. The lighting looks really great on this tour as well, it needs to be preserved on film. Maybe they could do like Radiohead in 3D.
  9. I remember when it was LP7 and there was an official mortigi tempo LP7 bootleg album to torrent. Seems like it was only a year ago.
  10. Best 15 dollars I ever spent. I have watched it like 10 times. It is genious because it works like a radiohead album, at first it seems messy, abstract and very foreign, but after a while it all makes sense and becomes quite affecting. It is perfect for what radiohead do with music. So I say watch it on youtube then go and buy it.
  11. Pop compared to stuff like the boredoms, fennesz, autechre, atlast sound and beyond.... Hence it has some structural elements from pop like choruses, verses bridges, chords, harmonies, lyrics and hooks and stuff. But you already knew that.
  12. How did house of cards get every radiohead song nomination, if it is rock shouldn't it be bodysnatchers or at least jigsaw or 15 step. Why can't nude get best male vocal performance? The grammy nominations has me slightly interested after reading pitchforkmedia's little titilation titled grammy nomination slightly relevant. Then I read the actual list of nominees and I was only slightly offended compared to previous years. Ok fair enough they sort it into mainstream and alternative but... Best Alternative Music Album Modern Guilt - Beck, Narrow Stairs - Death Cab For Cutie, The
  13. Hmmm interesting, do you reckon the contestant chooses the music? I didn't know they played radiohead in public. You know the percussion really sounded great there, must be a quality sound system. But then the voice came in and I thought yeah all the little teenage girls would start thinking "eeewww".
  14. ok computer is like the 15th most acclaimed album of all time I think.
  15. That is the way forums operate.
  16. street spirit played in the background of a montage that featured big stuff in news during this year. It was at the start of the WALKEY journalism awards. A muse song then followed.
  17. I thought meeting people is easy is the radiohead movie
  18. I'm scared to play radiohead to anywhere there is people.
  19. I hear a bit of radiohead on the alternative/indie radio station, especially when in rainbows came out. They played the entire album the day it came out then took a vote and played it again that night. But on mainstream radio, even the rock station, I have never heard radiohead. I don't think people want to hear some whining in the background during their work day.
  20. Sports tonight on channel ten, or just the sports portion of channel 10 news...they had the end of bodysnatchers as they were going to the break. Followed by a bit of cherry bomb by spoon. They must have some people with good taste behind the scenes, I remember they used sigur ros before.
  21. Yeah i like it, but if my mum came in I would turn the sound down...
  22. It is wierd to think people are voting for in rainbows a year after it came out, on an all time list. But I would probably do the same.
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