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  1. Modern rock at its finest. If I sit in my car and do nothing else but listen to the album, all songs are equal including this song.
  2. I think people just go for the joke response because radiohead think of good album and song names that you can't just think of on the spot.
  3. AUSTRALIA Don't they usually tour the new songs before recording them?
  4. theres that funny wooshing sound in the background that sounds like the ocean. Possibly done by phil.
  5. Australia! Seriously how could they tour the whole world, including America twice, and miss Australia. Then they go back to the UK and the US again!!!11111! I guess they aren't worried about their carbon footprint anymore
  6. I think he is half way between that and genuinely not getting the band, like he has tried but can't get into it. The hype just makes it worse. I know lot of people who have tried to dislike them as much as the fans like them when really that havn't given the music a chance.
  7. Yeah thanks I couldn't find the article. I did find something else about nigel in the rolling stone interview. I have the poster of that issues cover "the future belongs to radiohead" but I hadn't read the article. "My job involves a lot of psychology," he [nigel] continues. "The dynamic between people is very complicated. Ed is very much a diplomat. Jonny's brilliant, and what comes out of him comes out very quickly. And with Thom — " He pauses, then says, "A lot of the time, I think he's the king of self-sabotage. So I'm just trying to prevent him from destroying things he doesn't
  8. He probably tries to get the sound as close to what has in his head, then if thom still isn't happy with it he suggests a different direction. At least that is the impression I got from his involvement in the final mix of nude.
  9. I was reading pitchfork's top singles of 00-04 and found this hilarious write up for pyramid song at number 15. He basically says he normally isn't a radiohead kind of guy, but ashamed, he admits he gave in to one particular song. The last line is gold. True confession time: I've never heard a complete Radiohead album in my life. Seriously. I just don't seek that shit out. It's just really not my thing, so I don't bother, except... A few years ago, there I was, reclining in the Brinks-like tomb of Fort Snob, lecturing a select crowd of stuffed animals about the proper maintenance of my
  10. I LOVE the in rainbows in the basement version of this song. Infact I love the basement versions over all the studio recordings. I think thom really fleshes out the melody in the basement and the mix is better.
  11. The meaning of this song always confused me, what do you think? The conclusion I came to was it referred to Thom's bemusement over celebrity worship. He opens up a magazine or newspaper and is baffled. Like in meeting people is easy when he appears uninterested in celebrities attended the gigs, and can't understand how certain people can live on a higher plane than the rest of society. He sees this "Transatlantic drawl" invading british print media and influencing british culture. Like they get a taste for it because it is in all the magazines and newspapers. It is the line "I am trapped
  12. The message I always got from the song was the duplicitous nature of humans. The conflict between the competitive "dog eat dog" attitude that seems irrevocably human, and the desire to be morally justified. It is like we are all out to get our own, but at the same time you can make up for your greedy opportunism by donating money to charity, saving the whales and being optimistic. I always thought it was "this one dropped a payload, fighting for the animals, living on an animal farm". Here's this guy, ooh look at him he thinks he's good because he throws money away to help the vegetari
  13. Her favourite song has to be I want none of this. I won't believe she is a real radiohead until she covers one of their songs live.
  14. Obviously she was joking about trying to ruin them, but I have a hard time even believing that she actually likes radiohead that much. If she was that much of a fan, wouldn't she throw up at the sound of her own music. Maybe she experiments with tape loops in her bedroom and they force her to sing while a giant mickey mouse whips her.
  15. Maquilladora Also I want none of this is gorgeous, at least the version from when thom and jonny went on sound opinions. listen here: http://audio.soundopinions.org/streams/2006/07/iwnot.m3u
  16. Maybe in other countries you can still get some radio rotation without a single but in Australia, pretty much all radio stations are there to give heavy rotation to singles only. In light of that I think it is pretty amazing that Kid A has sold about 3 million copies worldwide, went platinum and debuted at number 1 in America. So I was wondering what the highest selling album is without any official singles. Or even what other albums have got to number 1 without any singles. I know radiohead did release iblips on the internet, that is was available all over napster and that song
  17. Yeah me neither, that is my fault for becoming a fan in 2006 and they havn't come to Australia since like 2003? I'm still hanging out for them to add Australia after mexico and make it an actualy WORLD Tour. It sucks how they tour America all the time.
  18. Whioever said marching bands is so not radiohead, have you heard the national anthem? I also think it would have been really badass for them to rock the house with bodysnatchers like they did on jools holland, but maybe the general public aren't ready for that. I suspect it was ed colin and phil not feeling like making the trip all the way from japan, rather than "oh it will sound better if we have only 2 members". Or as thom said "too much geeeeyyyaaaar, much too much gear".
  19. It is cool how kanye's poster has "the eraser" in the words. The one's that sound like song titles I know bittersweet symphony - verve Unravel -bjork I want you - dylan Alison - pixies Rabbit in you headlights losing my religion - rem the end of the world as we know it - rem this mess we are in - pj harvey organ donor - dj shadow tumblin dice - rolling stone man on the moon - rem the drugs don't work - verve mr heart attack - liars 30 century man - scott walker love is noise - verve the one you love, pump it up, holy calamity, today I write the book, kill bill volume 4,
  20. Doesn't jonny write his own software for a lot of the strange noises they use. He said otherwise it is hard to create stuff that doesn't sound like other people.
  21. I've had merriweather post pavillion by animal collective on repeat since I got it on saturday. I don't think I need any other albums this year, I'll just keep listening to this for the rest of the decade.
  22. When that scott walker song comes in, gets me everytime.
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