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  1. There they go with that electioneering and fitter happier buisness, no! they are better than any other band could every produce in the history of time.
  2. Is this a sound recording or a video of the performance?
  3. I really like how jonny's guitar sounds in that acoustic performance, I would love to see a video of that. Dam thom's voice sounds great there.
  4. I can't believe they would go back to America after touring their extensively without even coming to Australia at all on their "world tour". I mean isn't it the same distance from the uk to the states as it is from the uk to Australia.
  5. The disjointed nature of the sentence symbolises his ecstacy experienced when listening to this song.
  6. Jonny is so boss in this song, I love is when he slams his guitar like that it really adds to the tone. Multishow HD? Please tell me this whole show is available for download.
  7. So UK in the summer, guess that means no Australia?
  8. "and last year, he even produced a Coldplay album that (mostly) silenced the haters." really? I'm pretty sure 90% of the haters are still haters.
  9. It is funny that Emi is busy reselling and repackaging Radiohead's back catalogue, you would think releasing some live footage would be very fitting. But I guess they don't own the rights to that. When you say Bonaroo is that bonaroo 06? I was going to download that concert but I watched a video on youtube of a song and it wasn't that great, is it worth getting?
  10. Hey dudes while we are on the topic of epic sigur ros live performances. I downloaded Sigur ros live at Moma, and while it was pretty good it missed a lot of there classics. I couldn't find a mortigi tempo equivalent of sigur ros with archived live show videos. What do you think are the definitive sigur ros shows, with mainly older songs from
  11. I think the best live show overall is "in rainbows from the basement", the mixing is so good and all the songs sound epic. Plus Thom's voice sounds better than it has since maybe pre ok computer, maybe all the echo they put in the mic.
  12. Ok so you strum and pulloff at the same time. That is so cool, i've never seen that technique before its so badass.
  13. Yeah thanks, now I can do both jonnys parts, I wish there was a way to add these with the rhythm bit for a solo guitar. I was actually referring to the inrainbows version that jonny plays in optimistic, it is slightly different. e ------------ <----- He substitutes this bit by sweeping upwards on all the strings. In b ------------ the "from the basement" video you can see it at 29:18 just after jonny has g ---5-------- walked into the shot. He does it a few more times throughout the verse. I d ----8-p-7-- have tried many different variations and I just can't get it to
  14. thanks, that thread is pretty close to what I was talking about. I think the original thread got deleted, there is another thread saying "lets try and make another collated thread".
  15. Yeah I kind of figured that, really that's how good he is he doesn't need to be an expert on guitars themselves, just how they work. I wouldn't say those interviews with guitarist are a silver platter. I don't know if jonny explaining the theory behind his lead parts would be that beneficial to me. I just want to see him play the different styles he enjoys, really let rip, show off.
  16. While we are on the subject... I love all of jonny's lead in the in rainbows from the basement version of optimistic. I can't quite work out what he's doing in the bit that starts after the first chorus and goes through the second verse. He plays a few notes then sweeps a chord from down to up, it sounds so epic. I've seen a lot of in depth interviews with famous guitarists like dave gilmour, slash, mark knofler, john fruciante, the edge, with guitar magazines and tv shows. This kind of thing They talk about their gear, how their playing style evolved, what tones they l
  17. I wish I could search for it but the search function doesn't work for me in this thread.
  18. I remember someone had a link to a thread on a forum (maybe it was atease) that had archived videos for all the main concerts. The great thing was they gave different formats. I want the jools holland show 2001 encore and the 2008 jools holland performances ipod ready. There are links for those shows but only avi. I thought that a useful thread like that would be stickyed or something but whatever. Possibly had the word coallated in it. thanks
  19. http://www.mortigitempo.com/too_bored/showthread.php?t=97050
  20. Of course he can. Oh and jonny rips ass in that live version of pearly, his playing is so boss. If it's that kind of shredding then I think it fits great into radiohead's sound, infact I wish some of their new songs had playing like that.
  21. I'm certainly don't have an aversion to theory, I love learning theory for guitar. But when people say that jonny is trained in classical music well that doesn't quite sound like the same thing and it a little bit intimidating. I don't joey might not be that technically superior but I love his playing much more than slash, satch, clapton, because the great tone he gets with a few simple notes. I have learn't a lot from youtube and even wikipedia I don't think it that easy to learn learn enough from the internet "to think outside the box" in order to create more interesting cadenences and
  22. I have always been interested in this aswell. Topics have been posted similar to this and I directed the conversation this way but never got an answer. I always wanted to know what scales and modes does jonny go for when he does the lead for something like paranoid android. When you first learn guitar the thing you spend the most time soloing with is the minor pentatonic, the major scale has so many more notes so it is a lot harder. I know jonny is probably influenced a lot of joey santiago from the pixies and thursten from sonic youth. All of whose playing don't really sound that bluesy.
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