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  1. If you are not enough without it you will never be enough with it.
  2. I think it gets better with every viewing, I've probably seen it like 10 times. The sequencing, the pacing, the different way images and sound are given to the viewer, brilliant. But you already knew that... Yeah so back on on topic, I think the online all radiohead radio butchered my downloaded limit, now I suddenly have an extra 4 gig of upload. Dam those uploads ruin everything.
  3. Nah there's another bit. From about 2.25 you can hear it in the background then you see thom for a few seconds at 2.31.
  4. You know, Meeting People is Easy is frequently on tv and I always see that bit near the end where thom is singing 'I will' in an empty concert hall and it continues in the background. Its just him and a guitar and it is so breathtaking. It is even more heartbreaking after listening to the studio version. It is a strange feeling when a track comes on and you're like what is this. The trickster came on and I swear, not trying to be funny, for the first minute I thought it was a Muse track. It sounds identical to "time is running out".
  5. This is the kind of thing you enjoy quietly and don't tell your friends about it, well at least if you are like me and don't have any friends that are really into Radiohead. I heard that up next is the all Radiohead cover hour, featuring Hanson, John mayer and moby.
  6. Yeah yeah but I always thought of it as few songs combined, that's the way it was written anyways. If they made another suite of songs like that sure. But if its just a 6 minute continuation of an idea like sigur ros...
  7. Whatever they do I don't want any track over 6 minutes. I don't think they could ever write a song that would justify it.
  8. Yeah I think people have made up something that fits but the lyrics page for the song on greenplastic just has ??? for some parts.
  9. That is what I was thinking of. Lucky is the same recording as help album because they couldn't improve it, couldn't this happen again? Do you think how I made millions would make a haunting closer left as it?
  10. So morning me lord is an actual contender? That's so cool I love that song, I never thought it would be talked about again. But no one has been mentioning I want none of this. It's hard to believe that pre-hype hype has reached this level this soon, I need every Radiohead album to be a classic so I kind of don't want it to come out this soon, but I do really really want new music so... As much as the band members talk about the newly found relaxed and fun working atmosphere, as cruel as it sounds I can't help but think the best thing for the music would be for them to suffer the emoti
  11. If I cared about the image of a band I would say that hair isn't doing him any favours, bring back amnesiac in paris hair. LOL seisures in the pub should be the name of a song.
  12. I think it would be great if the new album was called pulled apart by horses and it had all different versions of the song. I just think it would be call for people to be talking about an album called pulled apart by horses.
  13. DUDE!111 nice won. There's so much love on these forums, I remember before I asked for a piano tutorial for cymbal rush and within a day it was so. I really love that acoustic version of pulled apart by horses, its so forboding and heavy, the way thom sings it.
  14. I thought that might be the case, still I would like to know what he is doing.
  15. Hey guys not sure if you have seen these before, but I found a badass live acoustic version of pulled apart by horses and a house of cards with a guitar part I havn't heard before. Pulled apart by horses also features a slightly cooler chorus in my opinion, different to the reckoner Pa Pa Pa! Pulled apart by horses http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e_qb34cPIU House of cards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5vP96H4XSw&feature=related Yeah so I was wondering anyone want a go at figuring out what he is doing on the guitar. I assume they are alternate tuning, drop d at least because p
  16. I'd take it over "I will" or "punchup at a wedding" anyday
  17. Quite so, I have tried to play it on the sousaphone but I'm too fat for it to fit around me.
  18. Maybe they are figuring out how to telephathically come to australia so they don't hurt the environment. Oi boys shall we go to Australia, after all it is a "world tour"? Well it is the only continent we havn't been to Didn't one of their prime ministers run into the ocean and never come back...? yeah maybe we'll leave it Antarctica it is
  19. I like it a lot but I do like the way it sounds on the "in the basement" performance. When it comes to radiohead pitchfork are like their number one fan, along with the wire they are one of the only review sites to give kid a a perfect score. Don't dam pitchfork to hell because of one little comment about song, they gave the album a 9.4!
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