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  1. Well I remember Thom saying in an interview on le resevoir that "when you look at the beatles most of their songs are around 3 minutes". I think he believes in efficiency. Unless your name is Joanna Newsom I think think you should even know how long 7 minutes is. Thats right I am part of the music constabulary.
  2. EIIRP (8) KID A (7) TNA (7) HTDC (11) Idioteque (9) Morning bell (5) MPS (8) Morning bell -1 idioteque +1
  3. Airbag (14) Paranoid Android (15) Subterranean Homesick Alien (1) Exit Music (For a Film) (12) Let Down (13) Karma Police (11) Electioneering (5) Climbing up the Walls (14) No Surprises (12) Lucky (11) The Tourist (10) shit man, exit music vs climbing up the walls?? + climbing up the walls (because thom shouts at the end, scarry!) - electioneering
  4. street spirit (+) just(-) The Bends (3) Fake Plastic Trees (13) Just (9) My Iron Lung (16) Street Spirit (16)
  5. I think it would be cool if the ether festival version of appregi was on lp7, I just love the ondes, maybe they could have an ondes quintet with the orchestra. I also love it because it didn't really sound anything like they had done before which is always cool. It could end up like pyramid song part 2. It would be ausome if they made a song that built up spinning plates style using the sound after the silence on motion picture soundtrack. Infact a few sigur ros style tracks would be really cool.
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