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  1. I guess my main concern is that even with repeated listens i won't discover an emotional core, which is at the heart of all good radiohead songs and is what keeps me coming back. I am afraid that the totally badass beats are going to drown any dynamic changes and climaxes that could also contribute to some feeling. I mean, the beats in atoms for peace are pretty basic but the hook is so strong... Structure has always been radiohead's winning element no matter what they try. I always assumed this was built into the songwriting hence it would come from Yorke. But clearly building and c
  2. The thing is... Will I ever be able to hear Pulled apart by horses without remembering the original. I mean thom must be one confident fuck, coz most bands when they stumble across something as good as videotape, big ideas etc and record that shit. But thom has so much moxy that he would take a killer riff based guitar song and turn it into an electro song. How many bands would do that. I can't help but admire at someone who has that many songs coming out of their head to be able to do that. Coz these songs have some really juicy beats, I think the textures of the song could equal
  3. This better be good, if the music starts to suck there will be no reason to care about the distribution system. But this is a very un-thom yorke, un-radiohead cover.
  4. Whenever I watch meeting people is easy, it breaks my heart.
  5. I think if those first two rockin' tracks weren't there the album would just be dull, I mean tonally it would all blend together but in bad way. Ok computer has huge stylistic changes from track to track and we all know how well that works. Perhaps it is just a matter of sequencing.
  6. From an interview I remember Jonny saying they can't play another other styles, they play the way the do because it is the only way they can play.
  7. If I was that reviewer from "The Australian" I would have asked, so on a world tour why didn't you come to Australia?
  8. I just realised what it reminds me of, it totally sounds like something of Portishead's most recent release.
  9. I like what is going on in the song but I it does need some sort of dynamic peak, somewhere to go, a chorus or something. I don't mind experimentation with song structure but it has to build to something.
  10. That doesn't seem like news to me. Green plastic said that there was a commotion in the media after this news but I havn't heard any. If they are talking about online publications like pitchfork, they report on anything radiohead related.
  11. I think a more apt question would be who is better at the piano.
  12. Hehe yeah perhaps difficult wasn't what I meant. Lol yeah of course you can't do tutorials forever because Radiohead will eventually stop releasing new songs. Plus you won't have time touring with phonofield. Oh and welcome to mortigi tempo, or are you a long time reader first time poster. (I am "this is the gloaming" on youtube) "
  13. I was thinking he must be in a difficult position. The quality of his lessons, the accuracy and skill involved in his transcriptions and the devotion of Radiohead fans (and because of they don't really have throwaway songs, he must be flooded with desperate pleas for every song Radiohead has ever done. The greater his output the more voracious and insatiable youtubers will become It is exciting to think that within 72 hours of Thom performing a song for the first time, it is covered on youtube and tabbed. It is like there is a pit teaming with fans and with just one crumb there is a f
  14. Optimistic, Subterranean Homesick Alien and Talk Show Host. I would say Airbag but you know...
  15. Hey those are Warren's tabs, unless you are the warren from youtube? Anyway here's the cover to accompany those tabs. Dam he was fast.
  16. If they did it in Australia I would definitely go watch it.
  17. I made a video montage of jonny's best moments, maybe I will upload it onto youtube.
  18. Get a promise ring like the Jo Bros have got.
  19. I love the production of this song. If this is any indication as to the direction the band might take I'm very excited.
  20. Yeah it is, unfortunately it hasn't received heavy rotation among the masses, being a b-side and all. Perhaps if it was used at a pivotal point in a hip new movie then it would gain some exposure.
  21. Well after much excitement for the Australian population, top 100 songs of all time were counted down. It received over 500,000 votes. http://www.abc.net.au/triplej/hottest100_alltime/countdown/cd_list.htm Radiohead placed 4 times 5. Paranoid Android 13. Creep 15. Karma Police 28. Fake plastic trees The poll was conducted by a government funded"indie" station, so while most radio station lists are pretty sad I quite liked this one. You might bitch about how its the most cliched songs, the same way led zeppelin fans compain about stairway to heaven, but you just can't es
  22. I don't know, just something about the way that song is mixed, it just doesn't sound good in a venue like that. Radiohead isn't meant to be played as background music. Although I have seen some good ballet routines to idioteque.
  23. It depends whether you mean solo acoustic, like only acoustic guitar. If it with vocals you could make any song work. I think just an acoustic guitar by itself, paranoid android would work best if you cut it down. Also there there which sounds great if you try and add jonny's solo. Plus Optimistic if you try and combine all the guitar parts together.
  24. I always played jonny's part on just drop d, and all of his parts sounded right. But I will try your tuning aswell. Although based on what I can see in the basement version he is just using drop d there.
  25. I would like a really scary record to contrast with the quiet beauty of in rainbows. I'm talking climbing up the walls scary with Kid A style creepiness.
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