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  1. Actually Radiohead are only playing small shows now, they hate big shows. I would like them to play olympic stadium (80,000 capacity), or even Acer Arena (21,000) but in Sydney they are only playing Sydney Entertainment centre (12,000) after not touring here in Australia for 8 years. I would love it if they played huge shows so I would have a chance to get tickets
  2. I noticed that Radiohead seem to use this trick a lot where they use a parallel major and minor chord in the verse and chorus. For example Lucky, The tourist, Exit music, Paranoid android. Or when the same chord changes from major to minor during a verse e.g planet telex or nude. I know it isn't unique to them and plenty of bands probably use it. I'm pretty sure, like people have said, Thom probably just does what sounds cool to him but I'm wandering what is happening music theory wise; is the chorus of lucky in a different key to the verse? I loved reading threads like "what Radiohead
  3. Its cool then that the song is in E but there is no E chord until near the end. I first thought it was in B major as well, because of that. And that G#major is just random then?
  4. I was learning the chords for the tourist today and was wondering what key it is in?
  5. It's ok for a solo project I guess but I want a Radiohead album, where I can hear the other band members.
  6. Up to lotus on first listen, I really don't know about this guys. I liked the eraser better on first listen. Bloom had some nice moments and gave me hope but the rest sounds like b sides. I hope this a joke and the real album is up tomorrow. I loved Kid A a lot of the first listen.
  7. wow that was a great interview, very relaxed and refreshingly informative.
  8. Yeah obviously all rock comes from blues but Radiohead don't seem to wear it on their sleeves as much as some bands. The most bluesy thing I can think of is the acoustic riff in paranoid android when it goes 'kicking and screaming gucci little piggy'. Also as far as I can tell most of Jonny's lead guitar doesn't rely heavily on the minor pentatonic or other bluesy scales, I might be wrong.
  9. They are going to show "In rainbows from the basement" on ABC2 on Friday here in Australia. They never come down here for a tour so this is as close as we will get.
  10. Depends whether you're talking about the live version or the studio version of I will, but assuming it is the latter I will go with blow out.
  11. Wow I am quite shocked, and a little bit happy. I thought Rolling stone always saw radiohead as over rated. I mean number 1! a bit of contrast with the top 500 albums of all time where it was number 428, although they had only the writers voting yet. I like most of the list, wouldn't be rolling stone without a good helping of kings of leon and norah jones but why is interpol so far down?
  12. I don't think nigel gives them their sound, they decide how they want it to sound. They tell him what they want and he sorts the good ideas from the bad. He certainly influences the style of an album but I think if anyone is going to help radiohead evolve and change, do something different, it will be him because of the way he works.
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